Pomade for eyebrows — how to use and apply, the rating of the best

New and unique make-up product appeared on the market recently. The unusual name does not prevent this kind of cosmetics to gain popularity among both professional makeup artists and in the ranks of ordinary girls, because using this tool, you can solve several problems at once!

How to use pomade for eyebrows

According to experts, this tool will soon replace the usual eyeliner, shadow and base under them, because wearing lipstick eyebrow easily and conveniently. It perfectly completes the look by pinning hair in the right position, giving them a natural color and a smooth curve unlike the pencil, which gives a clear and hard line. The composition of this tool include reflective components that mimic natural hair color. You no longer have to think, how can I replace the gel for eyebrows. Caring oils and waxes in lipstick can help to model an ideal line.

Tips for use:

  1. Before you apply any brow, eyeliner, make the correction, treat the skin and give it a rest.
  2. Use a good quality synthetic angled brush of medium hardness. Soft will not achieve clear lines and the natural pile of spoils from oil-based resources.
  3. Not to overdo it with the brightness, apply a lipstick in 2-3 layers, gradually achieving the desired staining intensity.
  4. Before you apply, using the brush to comb your eyebrows and give them shape, and then draw the contour, starting from the bottom. Shade should be to center to fill in the blanks.
  5. Though lipstick and does not clog pores, do not make the layer too thick, because it looks unnatural.
  6. Remember that fondant is a great striker, so your eyebrows won’t need additional treatment with a gel or a protective agent.
  7. Always carefully pick the shade, otherwise the makeup will be inharmonious.
  8. To remedy does not dry up, tightly close the jar and store it in a dark place. In any case, do not leave the fondant in the sun, because it can crack.
  9. To remove makeup use a good quality two-phase product, generally watertight poorly tonics, milk and micellar water.
  10. Always keep cotton swabs and cleanser, in case you suddenly smeared contour or incorrectly draw the line.
  11. Never start to draw the eyebrow from the head, better back off 5-7 mm from the beginning of hair growth. The first stroke is always brighter and richer, swiping a line from the bridge of the nose, you will get unnatural makeup.

Pomade for eyebrows Anastasia Beverly Hills

The first water-resistant fondant for eyebrows Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow is considered one of the best in its market segment. It allows you to securely lock each hair, easy to apply smoothly:

  • Model name: liquid eyeliner Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.
  • Price: from 1799 R.
  • Features: 4 g creamy texture, water-resistant, lasting color.
  • Pros: suitable for oily skin and humid climate, well fills the space between the hairs, economical.
  • Cons: not enough shades, it is difficult to find in stores.

Pomade for eyebrows Nyx

Easy to use American Fudge for eyebrows Nyx has a great consistency, securely locks hairs and long lasting rich color. Among the most popular colors, you can highlight the expressive chocolate and ash, which are rare from other manufacturers:

  • Model name: fondant for eyebrows Nyx Tame&Frame Brow Pomade.
  • Price: from 590 RUB.
  • Features: 5g, soft texture, waterproof, rich color.
  • Pros: does not stick together hair, not rolled, well kept even after swimming, not lubricated
  • Cons: only 5 shades, it’s hard to blend.

Inglot – lipstick eyebrow

This tool stands out among the rest for its richness and ease of application. Unlike its competitors, fondant for eyebrows Inglot to apply only one layer:

  • Model name: brow gel Inglot AMC gel brow liner.
  • Price: from 900 p.
  • Features: 2 g, dense, non-greasy texture, moisture-proof, rich color.
  • Pros: economical, large variety of shades, gives no yellowing, no smears, doesn’t flow.
  • Cons: requires skill, a lot of pigment.

Lipstick eyebrow Sensation Cosmetics

Under the brand produces many different means, including decorative cosmetics for makeup and modelling of the face. Recently the company has released a gel liner for eyebrows, which is suitable for shape correction and masking of faults:

  • Model name: pomade for eyebrows Cosmetics brow guru Sensation.
  • Price: from 1200 p.
  • Features: 4.5 g, delicate texture, water-resistant.
  • Pros: very stable, not washed off with plain water, you can use eyeliner.
  • Cons: watery, only removed a two-phase medium, the kit doesn’t brush, is little known.

Pupa – lipstick eyebrow

Another economical option of creating an expressive image – lipstick eyebrow Pupa. It is considered ultrastyle, not washed off by plain water or tonic, gives the eyebrows the desired shape quickly and naturally:

  • Model name: eyebrow cream Cream Pupa Eyebrow Definition.
  • Price: from 550 R.
  • Features: 2.7 g, well pigmented, water-resistant, paraben-free.
  • Pros: low price, included brush, well kept.
  • Cons: shades are darker than expected, it only removes a two-phase medium.

Ardell Dior eyebrow

One of the best ratios price / quality have lipstick eyebrow Ardell. In addition to its primary function, it can easily replace the pencil, gel and powder, and a high content of pigment gives bright, saturated color:

  • Model name: fondant Ardell brow pomade.
  • Price: from 740 R.
  • Features: 3.2 g, light texture, moisture-proof, rich color.
  • Pros: multi-functional, the set includes a brush for shading and brush.
  • Cons: the angled brush is soft, only 3 shades, gives yellow.

Lipstick eyebrow Malva

The most economical of all variant pomade for eyebrows Malva. Well if you are not confident in their abilities and want to test if I can handle such a product:

  • Model name: fondant Malva eyebrow Gel eyebrow.
  • Price: 200 p
  • Features: 2.5 g, saturated colors, water resistant, light creamy texture.
  • Pros: low cost, long shelf-life, does not yellow, does not spread.
  • Cons: dries up quickly, no brush in the kit.

How to choose lipstick for eyebrows

It is very important to choose the right lipstick for eyebrows, because of how it fits, depends on the end result. First we need to determine the consistency: liquid eyeliner can be creamy or gel. Which option to buy, choose the preferences and opinions. Remember that creamy texture, unlike a gel, thick and hard.

When the issue of consistency is resolved, it remains the most difficult – choice of colors. Some manufacturers in the palette represented only the natural hues of 3-4 types, but sometimes this is not enough. For example, Anastasia Beverly hills in the collection of all 3 colors, none of which are perfect for redheads. To correctly pick up your fondant, use a tester, and brush on the arm, not pushing hard. It is desirable to make multiple strokes of varying intensity. To evaluate the result you need in the daylight.

Always lean on your hair color and undertone of the skin:

  • For cool blondes will suit shades of ashen and cold blond. It is worth avoiding any yellowing.
  • Warm blonde is better to choose caramel or natural brown. It is important that the pigment was not too rich, so the eyebrow will naturally.
  • Owners dark hair, perfect black, dark grey, dark brown color. Black-haired beauties can afford a thick and vivid eyebrows, so the choice should be made in favor of rich sweets.
  • Ginger girls, your choice is to stop at chocolate, warm brown, caramel shades. Cool tones are best avoided if you don’t want to effect heavy look.

Pay attention to not only color, but also the composition of the sweets:

  1. The wax need to fix the eyebrows.
  2. Oil is not only caring for skin but also makes the vehicle softer in texture.
  3. Pigments, they are pigments that add color.
  4. Reflective particles give a light shimmering effect, creating the illusion of natural eyebrows.
  5. Parabens in any cosmetics are used as preservatives. They help to increase the shelf life of the funds.

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Svetlana, 22 years

Messed up eyebrows constant correction, to do the tattooing didn’t want, and a pencil to paint uncomfortable, so decided to buy sweets. Was looking for a caramel shade for their red hair. Came to the conclusion that it is necessary to choose only live! Monitors and directories strongly distort color. Ideally, if the store has testers.

Antonia, 29 years

Looking for something to replace my eyebrow pencil until you’ve stumbled on sweet. Bought a sample and realized it was mine! Easy to apply, very natural, as long as the medium does not dry out. For one thing, the absorption of such tools is very good, so shade the line immediately, otherwise later not to distribute the gel.

Elizabeth, 44

It was hard to choose from the whole range of any product. Advised for dry hair, buy a blond shade, according to the reviews it is the most natural for blondes. It turned out that different brands have this color and among themselves they are different, so be sure to try on the hand and judge the result in daylight!

Igor, 39 years

I am a makeup artist and fondant for the eyebrows I use in my work very often. When choosing, it is important to pay attention not only on color but also the fragrance. In some vehicles they are very unpleasant. Also pay attention to the texture. If the tool is too dry, to soften, do not use water, so it is better to choose a comfortable gel or cream.

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