Eyebrow trimmer — the best male or female model how to use clippers and correction

What is the main claim from the beautiful half of humanity to the correction of eyebrows? Not even the fact that it can be bad: the most unpleasant that plucking is painful. To save women from suffering in the name of beauty ready trimmer – useful clipper eyebrow. It can be used for point hair removal.

How to use eyebrow trimmer

Before you make the correction, you need to learn a few rules:

  • before the procedure, your eyebrows should be brushed;
  • haircut is always done against the hair growth;
  • the skin should pull the finger to his temple;
  • now you can buy a model designed for use in the shower, but it is better to cut their eyebrows when the skin is dry;
  • it is not recommended to cut the hairs more often than once a week, so as not to cause growth acceleration.

Before you start to use the trimmer for eyebrows, you need to decide: do you want to get rid of excess hairs sticking out, adjust the boundaries and the form or make the eyebrows less thick? Set to any device of such kind presupposes the existence of attachments and combs which are responsible for controlling the length and guarantee complete safety: the risk to cut off half of the eyebrows are excluded. To choose the nozzle or even to abandon it – depends on your requirements correction.

Trimmer for eyebrows Veet

  • Veet Sensitive Precision
  • Price: from 1449 rubles
  • Features: has three attachment comb, trimmer and blade for spot removal of hair. Powered by AAA battery. Included – cleaning brush and a handbag. Weight – 84 g. Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: it is possible to rinse the blade with water. Compact. Sleek design aimed at a female audience.
  • Cons: the reviews States that electric trimmer Veet at work creates a noisy background. With the eyebrows doing well, and to treat the bikini area, many have claims.

Eyebrow trimmer Philips

  • Philips NT 3160/10
  • Price: 1690 roubles
  • Features: made of plastic, blades – stainless steel. Has 2 interchangeable, there is a possibility of modeling of the eyebrows. Powered by AAA battery. Weight – 120 g. Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: accurately cuts hard men’s hairs in the ears and nose. Does not create noise, not heated. Suitable for use during water treatment.
  • Cons: when cutting hair in the nose is far behind similar models from a circular nozzle.
  • Philips HP 6390/10
  • Price: from 1290 rubles.
  • Features: material – pink plastic, nozzles – 4, among them the head point hair removal. Powered by AAA battery. Weight 100g Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: trimmer Philips delicately cope with the removal of the hairs over her lip and eyebrow. Unusual color, small sized.
  • Cons: not designed for use during water treatment.
  • Philips NT 9910/30
  • Price: from 790 rubles
  • Features: made of plastic, blades – stainless steel. Powered by one AA battery. Weight – 55 g. Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: water resistance. The nozzle has a comfortable angle, allowing you to cut more hairs in hard to reach places. Low price.
  • Cons: only one speed.

Eyebrow trimmer Braun

  • Braun PT 5010 Precision
  • Price: 1249 roubles.
  • Features: case is made of black plastic. 2 nozzles, the minimum length is 0 mm, maximum 8 mm. Powered by AAA battery. Weight 100g Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: in addition to the correction of eyebrows this trimmer Braun manages and styling beards and sideburns. Ergonomic.
  • Cons: none tip for getting rid of nose hair.
  • Braun Silk-Epil FG 1100
  • Price: from 1900 RUB.
  • Features: made of plastic, available in two colour schemes – pink with silver and white with silver. It has three heads (spot removal, bikini line, trimmer) and two ridges. Powered by AAA battery (included). Weight – 135 g Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: tiny, durable, leaves no residue even after you remove hairs on hand.
  • Cons: fast battery consumption. High price.

Eyebrow trimmer Remington

  • Remington MPT 3800
  • Price: from 1090 rubles.
  • Features: plastic case, sleek design. Length adjustment, a removable head for the eyebrows. Powered by AAA battery. Weight – 110 g. Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: the Remington trimmer has a built backlight that makes it easier shearing.
  • Cons: awkward when cutting hair in the nose or ears.
  • Remington NE 3455
  • Price: 2506 rubles.
  • Features: three basic tools – eyebrow point and for cutting hair in nose and ears. Has an antibacterial coating. Powered by one AA battery. Weight – 230 g (including packing). Guarantee – 2 years.
  • Pros: possible wet shaving, the kit includes tweezers, scissors and nail file.
  • Disadvantage: high cost.
  • Remington MPT 4000
  • Price: 1550 roubles
  • Features: one nozzle, one speed work, an extra comb. Powered by AAA battery. Weight – 130 g Warranty – 2 year.
  • Pros: built-in illumination, small size.
  • Cons: purely feminine with the hard and long hairs not cope.

How to choose eyebrow trimmer

To buy the right trimmer that will not harm your appearance and – most importantly! – health, you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer. Trimmers, blades are made of stainless steel, credible buyers. As for the body, to create one, choose plastic is inexpensive, practical, and also reduces the weight of electrical products. However, this adversely affects the durability of the trimmer.

Most important: an electric machine for eyebrows must be obedient, so you do not cause skin damage in the form of tweaks and cuts. Find out how the machine is gentle to your skin, you can only empirically. If you want to order trimmer or buy in the online store – do not be lazy and read the reviews on any model: it often happens that photos and specifications do not give a full understanding of the product.

A separate discussion deserve additional options trimmer. There are lots of varieties: in any directory you choose eyebrow trimmer without attachments for bikini area, or purchase a combo deal that combines several functions. As for the sex, then it’s simple: most machines can use both men and women. However, when buying the device for two it is better to choose a model which has a nozzle, through which you can perform styling of the beard, but there are «female» nozzles.

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Inna, 27 years

The first time I bought a trimmer to trim the edge. Quiet horror: or samipya the skin or pulled hair almost bundles, although I used to buy branded and expensive thing. After some time the unit actually died. For me – generally not an alternative to tweezers. But the comb included with the epilator is fully satisfied.

Anton, 34 years

Great buy from overgrowth in the nose helps super! About the rest of the app but I bought just for the nose and ears. Main advantages: in a trip to take is very convenient, because the trimmer is small and included in the case. What’s bad: not charging from the mains (no battery) and the battery drains quickly even when the device is turned off.

Svetlana, 23 years

I trim fan. I have hypersensitive skin, so for particularly delicate areas (underarms, bikini) and can be no question about the razor or the wax. After the trimmer – no redness, soreness. Naturally, the result is a short, but in comparison with irritated skin, this is nonsense: the more you can use every day.

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