Incompatible products the compatibility with the right or a separate power supply

There have been disputes between supporters and opponents of the principle of separation of power, taking into account the compatibility of products. Why is man important to know about the proper intake of food and combination of its various types? How to help the body to handle the digestion is the question the answer to which want to receive.

Compatible and incompatible products

To study the incompatibilities began hundreds of years ago. On the question thought of by the ancient healers and modern researchers pay much attention to him. For the health of the body is important to properly digestive system, which has its own characteristics:

  • products are processed at different speeds;
  • for the absorption of each needs its enzymes;
  • gastric juice to digest food varies individually;
  • processing protein requires an acidic environment, and carbohydrates – alkaline.

The use of incompatible products causes the body to spend more energy for processing. When one kind of food digested ready for absorption and excretion of waste, for the other the time has not come. Has not yet developed the enzyme ptyalin in the mouth, others in the stomach. There is a disorder of the bowel:

  • starts the process of decay, fermentation;
  • the food is not digested;
  • stop splitting;
  • not the absorption of nutrients;
  • creates toxins that poison the body;
  • developing a variety of diseases.

Compatibility of buckwheat with fish

One of the tenets of separation of power – the prohibition to mix animal proteins and products containing starch. Buckwheat and fish are food, which is not recommended for use simultaneously. The best option – that and the other product separately, with the addition of greens and vegetables. The reason for this:

  • fish – protein foods requiring an acid;
  • buckwheat is a kind of cereals, rich in starch, it for the process of digestion needs an alkaline environment.

Compatibility of cottage cheese with a banana

Is it right to use in the food dessert that is loved by adults and children containing cottage cheese and banana? It is believed that the combination of sweet fruit sugar, is incompatible with the protein products. The rule there is a lovely exception. Quickly split the bananas are allowed to use in combination with such food:

  • nuts;
  • cheese;
  • dairy products;
  • cheese;
  • sour cream;
  • cream;
  • greens;
  • seeds.

The combination of fruit between them

Reflecting on incompatible products, it is important to know that these include melons – watermelon, cantaloupe. They require the use of separately from other food, a few hours after admission. This is especially true of melons, which is digested instantaneously, starting the fermentation process, leaving other products to rot. Compatibility of fruit depends on the type they belong to:

  • sweet;
  • sweet;
  • sour.

It is believed that fruit – a product incompatible with other foods, require a separate use between the main techniques. Together they combine like this:

  • sweet – dates, banana, dried fruit is digested slowly, preferably their separate use, a valid concurrent use with semi-sweet with each other;
  • sour – orange, grape, pear, currant – compatible with all;
  • sweet – apples, berries, apricots compliant with the first two types.

Compatible vegetables at separate meals

The most suitable food, combined with most of the products – vegetables, which are widely used in the separation power. When this occurs, the acceleration of the process of digestion. Not recommended to mix them with milk, fruits. Emit compatible vegetables, combined with several groups:

  • with his cabbage, sweet peppers, radishes, cucumbers;
  • protein – meat, cheese, fish, eggs;
  • fats like vegetable oil;
  • starchy food – bread, pasta, flour products, potatoes.

What foods not to combine

In result of studies it turned out, what food is not recommended to mix. This includes combination products:

  • coffee – rye bread – caffeine does not absorb nutrients;
  • tomato – grains – acid in vegetables prevents the absorption of starches;
  • meat, eggs, mushrooms – sugar – fermentation occurs;
  • fish – cereals, beans, sour cream – different digesting;
  • dairy foods – meat, bread, cereals – the reason is the same.

Table of compatibility of products

To make life easier for those wishing to lose weight or preaching the benefits of food combining, developed a table to help quickly navigate the selection of healthy food. With its help you can understand which foods can not eat together. A table is a grid, in the intersection of the vertical and horizontal graph which is a mark of compatibility. At the same time:

  • in the first column from top to bottom painted with products under the offer;
  • the top row contains the numbers corresponding to the order of food in the first box.

Compatibility table for Shelton

A serious question of separation of power was engaged in the American scientist Herbert Shelton, who wrote many books on losing weight, fasting. Through his research and outreach found a widespread practice of combining incompatible products. Shelton has developed a table by which you can easily understand what the need is. It is beneficial for the stomach and the ability to stay healthy.

Table of Shelton in the intersection graph helps to find out the compatibility of the main types of food used by man. Exploring the material, it can be understood that the melon is not combined with anything. It is recommended, for example, co-to apply:

  • meat – non-starchy vegetables – eggplant, cucumber, sweet peppers;
  • potatoes, bread – vegetable oil;
  • grains – all vegetables;
  • sweet fruits – dairy products, cheese;
  • starchy vegetables – cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots – everything except the sugar.

Incompatible products for weight loss

Using the ideas of separation of power can not only help the body become healthier but also lose weight due to the proper working of the digestive tract. There are diets that take into account incompatible foods when losing weight. You should know incongruous groups:

  • proteins – eggs, meat and flour products;
  • bread, sugar, tomatoes;
  • fish, meat and cereals;
  • sour cream, butter – nuts, proteins;
  • porridge tomatoes, sour fruits;
  • zucchini, pumpkin, berries, nuts – sugar;
  • simultaneously, proteins of animal, vegetable origin.

What products are incompatible with antibiotics

When the doctor course of antibiotics, you need to carefully consider their combination with food. The antibiotics and so have on the body negative effects, therefore, incompatible products must not add to the problems. You need to read the instructions to the drugs, which specifies contraindications to the use of at this time a certain food. This is especially true of alcohol.

Products are incompatible with antibiotics that are causing problems:

  • milk, dairy foods – the calcium in the composition binds the active substance, which is suction removed from the body, neutralizing the therapeutic effect of drugs;
  • Cola, Pepsi irritate the stomach;
  • acidic fruits, wine, vinegar, pickles have a negative effect on the liver.

Products incompatible with milk

Dairy products adult – special food. The body does not produce the required number of special enzymes for their digestion. Does milk with other foods? This product is not compatible with anything. It is advisable to apply it in the diet separately from other products, otherwise there may be complications:

  • when combined with melon – laxative effect;
  • use with a salty-sour foods – pickled herring, cucumbers, pain, poisoning;
  • together with soda – a rapid process in the stomach.

Products with alcohol

It is believed that alcoholic drinks can cause poisoning. Few people thinks, that these consequences are possible when used for starters, incompatible products. This reaction is associated with the peculiarities of the interaction of food with alcohol:

  • fungi actively secrete poisons that enter the bloodstream, affecting the liver;
  • chocolate – stimulates the flow of bile, and alcohol complicates its output, causing spasm of the sphincter of the duct into the duodenum, is developing acute pancreatitis;
  • grapefruit blocks the enzymes in the liver that breaks down alcohol causes severe poisoning.

Care is needed to combine food and alcohol, not to get an unwanted reaction:

  • when zapivanie drinks, juices, consisting of sugar, the latter is rapidly digested, leaving the alcohol unsplit, which leads to poisoning;
  • tapas – horseradish, pepper, mustard, and slow destruction of alcohol, toxic liver damage to heart and blood vessels;
  • melon in combination with alcohol has purgative properties;
  • grilled meat requires prolonged digestion, alcohol, long staying in body, causing symptoms of poisoning.

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Alexander, 35 years

About the existence of the table of Shelton found out from the doctor, when he came with complaints of pain in the stomach. At first it seemed that to eat every day, given incompatible products, this is too surprising. When understood, even liked it. The main thing – gone stomach problems.

Inna, 29 years old

Gained weight after giving birth, could not lose weight. A friend who many years on a separate feed, was advised to eat foods with consideration of compatibility. I decided to try a table on the fridge put. In the early days it was difficult, then got used. Pleased with the result – the weight began to decline.

Tamara, 56 years

With the system of separation of power I have known for many years, the entire family accustomed to it. First husband grumbled, and when he stopped the attacks of pancreatitis, no thanks I said. Feel easy, I lost weight and now the weight is kept stable for a long period of time.

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