Shirt with short sleeves – like what to wear?

Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

Shirts play an important role as the wardrobe of both men and women. It is an indispensable classic that is able to give elegance and austere sophistication to any outfit. Shirt short sleeve is not only more practical on warm days, but also looks more stylish than its original variety.

Women’s short sleeve shirt

They cannot be attributed exclusively to an office option. There are many different models and colors that adorn this versatile piece. The most popular option – simple plain stylish shirt with short sleeves, which will be combined with a variety of images. You can wear it with jeans and ballet flats or with a pencil skirt and a clutch bag. And you can wear shorts, sneakers, and safely go for a walk.

Famous Actresses, singers and models are meet not only outside, but also at premieres, store openings and other important events. Designers fashion houses are putting on the catwalk this popular item of clothing literally every season and this outfit is always well appreciated. It always has something to say. It always have something to match. What can be one of the favorite fashion items of girls?

Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

Classic short sleeve shirt

This classic garment for men and women, students and pensioners. With them any other components of the official outfit will look good. In warm or hot time of year, many office workers are forced to adhere to the dress code, and then comes to help women’s summer shirt with short sleeves. She will be the Savior only then, if you choose the right fabric which will allow the body to breathe. Perfect linen.

Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

Polo shirt short sleeve

Women’s Polo shirt with short sleeves – this is another mandatory piece of clothing for every woman. Combined with the basic things, and with original shapes and colors. Looks best with pants of the opposite color. If the top light, bottom dark. If the top is black, bottom is white. This combination looks simple but stylish. Actuality it will remain even somewhere in the forest on a picnic or at the exhibition of modern painting.

Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

Denim shirt short sleeve

Casual dresses casual style denim shirt with short sleeve takes pride of place. The perfect complement to skirts and pants, bags and backpacks. You can combine almost everything:

  • Shorts in classic or bright colors combined with dark leather backpack and sneakers will look great on a walk in the Park, cinema or exhibition.
  • Coal-colored pants, pumps and heels of bright colors and large classic bag – street style, which is easily transformed into office, if you replace the shoes.
  • Denim fabric is very popular in itself. But we should not forget that the combination of a denim top with denim pants or shorts are not confirms the saying «Good things must be much.» Not the best solution is the combination of denim with corduroy, leather, silk and other «self» tissues. Better to choose something simpler.

    Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

    Shirt bodysuit short sleeve

    Boring shirt short sleeve for girls can be a little more interesting if you buy it in the option body. She is practical and unique. If you prefer to wear pants, then proceeded to fill them in body. Such models are not very common, so you’ll have to look for them in online stores. It is better to give preference to white.

    Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

    Fashion shirt with short sleeve

    In stores you can find beautiful short sleeve shirt with ready-made additions in the form of beads, decorated with rhinestones, collars and other interesting accessories. Latest fashion trend is the perfect originality. You can take easy old product and decorate it to your taste or in accordance with the intended image. For example, a brooch in the shape of a small flower will refresh a strict business outfit. And the bright collar colors will «trick» the black and white General scheme.

    Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

    White shirt with short sleeve

    Female white shirt short sleeve is a basic subject. It is simple and requires no changes, but there are so many different variations that are not keeping her busy and out of fashion. It also requires matching the shapes. Here are a few rules you need to remember:

  • If you have a «figure-pear» surround buttocks and small Breasts, the ideal – free top tucked into a fitted pencil skirt. So you will emphasize your dignity.
  • If you, on the contrary, a large chest and narrow hips, it is better to give preference to a fitted top. It is very important that it should not be too small in size and does not look vulgar. The skirt should be flared.
  • There are a few tricks that are created from plain white classic incredibly stylish outfit. The case in its other components. One of them is a leather skirt or leather pants. They can look in dark and bright colours. You can easily add accessories and bags. Another option is jeans in bright colors. The best of them – the color of mustard. The most fashionable colors of this season combined in classics will surely attract attention. A linen shirt short sleeve is not only stylish attribute, but natural and very practical.

    Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

    Women’s plaid shirt short sleeve

    Plaid shirt short sleeve ladies do yourself just with tucked long. And it’s a great solution since they look so much more interesting. Resembling attractive Texas girls of American westerns, most profitable it is combined with tight blue jeans and belt. Such a casual outfit draws attention to the woman and emphasizes all her dignity. Needless to say that wearing boots or shoes and you will become like one of those movie heroines?

    Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

    Shirt black short sleeve

    The most stylish alternative to white – womens shirt black short sleeve. It’s simple, but unconventional. She looks great with high-waisted trousers. And the most extravagant variation on this classic is a semi-transparent black fabric. It is necessary carefully to pick up the remaining items of clothing, as it should not be vulgar and show the world all the charm.

    Perfectly matching black with black, if you are not afraid of such a dark image and you like a true classic. In other cases, you can combine the dark with any color and fashion. It looks very attractive with bright red pants. Classy and restrained with a skirt of beige color. Shoes can be very unpredictable, but ideally it shoes, high heel sandals and ankle boots.

    Рубашка с коротким рукавом – как и с чем носить?

    Open the cupboard with his clothes and try to combine every jacket, pants and every dress with a classic shirt. You will find that 80% of the wardrobe perfectly with this universal thing. If you already fell in love with her, not necessarily to run to the store and sweep a must-have this season all shades and shapes. Simple and elegant classic will amaze you with its practicality, when you see how many functions it can perform.


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