Tattoo Victoria Beckham and their meaning for the stars

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды

When you create on the body in different patterns each guided by their own reasons, and for the famous soloist of the popular in the past of the group Spice Girls Victoria Beckham tattoos – the way to capture another important event associated with her husband David and four children. What you can read on the body forty-two female style icon?

Tattoo Victoria Beckham and their meaning

The wiki, which in the past was called Posh Spice, has managed to build a design career, so she’s not chasing fashion, but creates it. All tattoos of Victoria Beckham – it does not follow the trends and philosophy of life. In the drawings and inscriptions reflects the fire of passion that eighteen years is burning in the relationship Vicki and David. Meaning tattoo a successful business woman adorned:

  • the area between the shoulder blades;
  • lower back;
  • wrist right and left hands.

Matching tattoos of the spouses became a kind of family tradition, indicating the versatility of their partnership. David and his wife do not hide that they belong to each other, proud of their children and are willing to overcome the crisis of love. The tenderness and devotion translate into beautiful inscriptions and symbols, performed in Hebrew, Arabic, Latin and Roman numerals.

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды

Victoria Beckham tattoo on back

Lower back celebrity in 1999, was decorated with three eight-pointed stars, symbolizing her spouse and first-born Brooklyn. Prior to 2005, the number of stars increased to five, because the family had two sons – Romeo and Cruz. Along the spine, starting from the neck, body, designer decorates another inscription. Big tattoo of Victoria Beckham on the back made in Hebrew and translated it means «my man belongs to me, I’m your man». The choice of that language linked to the origin of David, whose grandfather on the maternal side was Jewish.

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды
Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды

Tattoo of Victoria Beckham on his left arm

One of the first writings on the body of the designer were the initials of her husband, made a beautiful interlocking font. Highlights Victoria Beckham tattoo fine jewelry – fine bracelets and watches with delicate straps. In 2009, over the initials DB there was an inscription, which from the Hebrew translates as «together forever». By the way, Becks also made a similar ornament. The move signaled not only the decade of their family Union, but also overcome the deep crisis in relations that lasted several years and could end with a divorce.

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды

Tattoo of Victoria Beckham on his right arm

Ten years ago, the right wrist of the Wiki was decorated with Roman numerals depicting the date of the first making love with Becks – VIII-V-MCMXCVII (08.05.1997). In 2006, after a protracted quarrel, the lovers found the strength not to destroy the family, and the value of the tattoo Victoria Beckham has changed. She corrected 1997 to 2006, added an inscription in Latin, De Integro («Again»). The famous football player, flirting with long-legged beauties was the cause of the quarrel, hastened to do the same. Magic or a stubborn desire to save the marriage, but reboot failed – the couple look happy.

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды

Tattoo designs Victoria Beckham neck

What is the meaning of the tattoos of Victoria Beckham adorning the neck and along the spine, already referred to. The same phrase in Hebrew has the husband of the talented designer. At the beginning of career of the singer a girl wore revealing outfits and a short haircut, so the beauty of the label to observe it was easy. In recent times long hair to hide the tattoo almost completely. Besides, today, a woman who is for many an icon of style, prefers private strong outfits in a classic style.

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды

Tattoo of Victoria Beckham on the back

In July 2011, Vicki and David was born a long-awaited daughter who was named Harper seven. The happy father immediately made on the clavicle commemorative inscription with the name of the girl, but the tattoo of Victoria Beckham on the back no changes. By five eight-pointed stars, symbolizing the family members, the sixth was never added, even though it has been many years. Why Harper is the only child that has no «place» star on the body of the mother remains a mystery. Or still to come?

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды
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Victoria Beckham has brought the tattoo

The emergence of permanent patterns most associated with important events, and Vicki is no exception. The disappearance of the paintings and inscriptions also hints at the radical changes in life. In 2015 the wife of a famous footballer decided to get rid of tattoos – the same inscription in Hebrew. Very difficult to discern what kind of tattoo of Victoria Beckham on the back, because she definitely was exposed to the laser resurfacing. This is evidenced by the blurred outlines of the letters and their fading. The woman no longer wants to belong to the husband, let him or preparing the body for the new decorations? Time will tell!

Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды
Тату Виктории Бекхэм и их значение для звезды Stars: David Beckham, Victoria Beckham.

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