Bluetooth not working on laptop — what to do?

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After reinstalling Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, or just deciding one day to use this feature to transfer files, connect wireless mouse, keyboard or speakers, the user can detect that the Bluetooth on the laptop is not working.

Part of the topic has been addressed in separate instructions — How to turn on Bluetooth on the laptop, in this article learn more about what to do if the function does not work and the Bluetooth does not activate, causes errors in the device Manager or when you try to install the driver, or is not functioning as expected.

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    How to know the bitness of Windows).

  • If you have already installed any Bluetooth driver (i.e., not Generic Bluetooth Adapter), then disconnect from the Internet, in device Manager, click on the adapter right click and select «Remove», remove including driver and noting the corresponding item.
  • Start installing the original Bluetooth driver.
  • Often, the official site for one laptop model can be laid out several different Bluetooth drivers or none. How to be in this case:

  • Go to device Manager, right click the mouse on the Bluetooth adapter (or unknown device) and select «Properties».
  • On the tab «Information» in the field «Property» select «hardware IDS» and copy the last line of the «Value»field.
  • Go to the website and paste in the search box, not this copied value.
  • In the list at the bottom of search results page you will see which drivers are suitable for this device (to download from there they should not — proceed with the download on the official website). Read more about this method of installing the drivers: How to install the driver for an unknown device.

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    When there is no one driver: this usually means that the installation there is a single set of drivers for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is usually placed under the title containing the word «Wireless».

    With high probability, if the problem was just drivers, Bluetooth is working after successful installation.

    the request Failed device descriptor (code 43), it is likely that this is your Bluetooth module that could not be initialized.

  • For some laptops, for Bluetooth you must have not only the original driver of the wireless module, and chipset drivers and power management. Install them from official website manufacturer for your model.
  • Perhaps, that’s all I can offer on the subject of recovery the Bluetooth on the laptop. If nothing stated did not help, I don’t know if I’ll be able to add something, but in any case, your comments are welcome, just try to describe the problem as detailed as possible indicating the exact laptop model and your operating system.

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