Unidentified network Windows 10

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One of the common problems with connecting to the Internet in Windows 10 (and not only) — the message «Unidentified network» in the connection list accompanied by a yellow exclamation mark on the connection icon in the notification area, and if the Wi-Fi connection through a router, the text «No Internet connection, secure». Though the problem can occur when you connect to the Internet via cable on your computer.

In this tutorial — information on the possible causes of these problems and ways to fix «unidentified network» in different scenarios of the problem. Two more materials that may be useful: the Internet is Not working in Windows 10, Unidentified network Windows 7.

Simple ways to correct the problem and identify the cause of its occurrence

For a start about the most simple ways to understand what was going on and possibly save yourself time correcting the errors «Unidentified network» and «No Internet connection» in Windows 10, as described in the instructions in the next sections more complex.

All items listed refer to the situation when the connection and Internet worked properly until recently, but suddenly stopped.

  • If you’re connecting via Wi-Fi or via cable through a router, try restarting your router (remove from the outlet, wait 10 seconds, re-enable and wait a few minutes until he will be back).
  • Restart the computer or laptop. Especially if you haven’t done (in this case «shut down» and re-enabling are not considered to be in Windows 10, shutdown is not a shutdown in the full sense of the word, and therefore can not solve the problems that are solved by reboot).
  • If you see the message «No Internet connection, secure», and the connection is through a router, check (if possible), but not if the problem occurs when connecting other devices through the same router. If on the other everything works, then the problem will look at current computer or laptop. If the problem is on all devices, then there are two possibilities: a problem with the provider (if there is only a message that No Internet connection, but no «Unidentified network» in the list of connections) or the problem is from the router (if on all devices «Unidentified network»).
  • In that case, if the problem appeared after the Windows 10 upgrade or after a reset, and resetting the save data, and you have installed third-party antivirus, try disable it temporarily and check whether the problem still occurs. The same may relate to third-party VPN, if you use it. Here, however, is more complicated: ‘ll have to delete it and see if it fixed the problem.
  • This simple fixes and diagnostics I have been exhausted, move on to the next, which involve actions on the part of the user.

    Check connection settings TCP/IP

    Most often, the Unidentified network tells us that Windows 10 failed to obtain the network address (especially when re-connecting, we are seeing the message «Identification» for a long time), or it is set manually, but is not proper. It is usually about the IPv4 address.

    Our task in this situation is to try to change the settings for TCP/IPv4, it can be done in the following way:

  • Go to the connection list Windows 10. The easiest way to do this is to press Win+R keys on your keyboard (Win — logo key-Windows), enter ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
  • In the list of connections click the right mouse button on the connection that says «Unidentified network» and select «Properties».
  • On the «Network» tab in the list of components used by the connection, select «IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4)» and click «Properties» at the bottom.
  • In the next window try two options, depending on the situation:
  • If the IP parameters you have specified any ‘ (and this is not a corporate network), check the boxes «Obtain an IP address automatically» and «Obtain DNS server address automatically».
  • If no addresses are specified, and the connection is through a router, try to specify IP address different from the address of your router the last number (example in the screenshot, I do not recommend to use close to 1 number) as a default gateway set to the router address, and DNS set to Google DNS addresses — and
  • Apply the settings.
  • Perhaps after this «Unidentified network» will disappear and the Internet will work, but not always:

    • If the connection is through a cable provider, and the network settings already set to «Obtain an IP address automatically», while we see «Unidentified network», then the problem may be from the equipment provider in this situation is to wait (but not the obligation, to help reset network settings).
    • If the connection is via a router, the parameters setting IP address manually doesn’t change the situation, check whether it is possible to go into the router settings via the web interface. You may have a problem with it (tried to reboot?).

    Reset network settings

    Try to reset the TCP/IP pre-setting the address of the network adapter.

    This can be done manually by running a command prompt as administrator (How to: start a Windows command prompt 10) and entering the order the following three commands:

  • netsh int ip reset
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • Then, if the problem is not corrected immediately, restart your computer and check whether the problem is solved. If not worked, try an additional way: reset the network settings and Internet Windows 10.

    Setting the network address (Network Address) for the adapter

    Can sometimes help manual setting the Network Address for the network adapter. You can do it as follows:

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  • Go to device Manager of Windows 10 (hit Win+R keys and type devmgmt.msc)
  • In device Manager under «Network adapters» select the network card or Wi-Fi adapter, which is used to connect to the Internet, click on it with right mouse button and select menu item «Properties».
  • On the Advanced tab, select the property «Network Address» and set the value to 12 digits long (you can also use the letters A-F).
  • Apply settings and restart the computer.
  • Drivers network card or wifi adapter

    If until now, none of the methods did not resolve the problem, try installing the official drivers your network or wireless adapter, especially if you’ve never installed them (Windows 10 installed itself) or used the driver Pak.

    Download original drivers from the manufacturer’s website of your laptop or motherboard and manually install them (even if device Manager tells you that the driver does not need to be updated). Cm. how to install drivers on a laptop.

    Additional ways to fix the problem of «Unidentified network» in Windows 10

    If the previous methods did not help, then some additional solutions that may work for you.

  • Go to control panel (upper right, set view to «icons») — properties of the browser. On the Connections tab, click «configure network» and if there set to «Automatically detect settings», disable it. If not installed — include (and if specified proxy server, also disable). Apply settings, disable network connection and enable again (in the list of connections).
  • Run network diagnostics (right click on the connection icon in the notification area — Troubleshooting), and then search online for the error text if it something will give. Common option — the Network adapter does not have valid IP configuration.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi connection, go to the network connections list, right click on «Wireless network» and select «Status» then «wireless network Properties» — tab «Security» — «advanced settings» and enable or disable (depending on current state) the item «Enable for this network compatibility with Federal information processing standard (FIPS)». Apply the settings, disconnect from wifi and connect again.
  • Perhaps, that’s all I can offer at this time. I hope one of the ways worked for you. If not, again let me remind you about the separate instructions Internet does Not work in Windows 10, it can be useful.

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