How to post a photo in Instagram with a computer

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Instagram is a closed application, but because a full unofficial clients for him there. Moreover, the search capabilities upload photos to instagram from computer online are most likely to lead to the fact that you will download potentially unwanted software to the computer.

However, the lack of third-party software for posting doesn’t mean we can’t use the official version of the app to publish photos and videos in your feed Instagram about how to do this and will be discussed.

Note: if you don’t want to publish, then view your subscriptions, likes, comment and subscribe to anyone you can without any additional steps simply by logging in to your account on the official website

The official app Instagram for Windows 10

In the store Windows 10 apps you can easily find the official and free application Instagram for computer, laptop, or tablet.

However, this app has one nasty limitation: add a photo it only allows if you have installed on your tablet with Windows 10 (or rather, on the device touch screen and rear camera) with a computer or laptop is only possible to view other people’s posts, comment on them, etc.

Way to make the app Instagram, I think, that you have on the tablet at the time, as actually installed on the computer, me at this time is unknown. If will appear — necessarily I might add here, and will have to use the next opportunity in order to upload photos to your instagram.

How to add photos to instagram from a computer, use the official mobile app

And the only guaranteed working way to upload to instagram a photo or video, having only a computer is to use the official Android application running on the computer.

To run the Android application Instagram on the computer have third-party software — Android emulator for Windows or other OS. A list of free emulators and official sites where you can download them, you can find the review: the Best Android emulator for Windows (opens in a new tab).

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Of those emulators that I can recommend for the purposes of publication in Instagram — Nox App Player and Bluestacks 2 (however, in other emulators the task will not harder). Here is an example of uploading photos using Nox App Player.

  • Download and install Nox App Player on your computer. Official website:
  • After starting the emulator, or go to the Play store within the emulator or download APK application Instagram in an emulator (the original apk it is easiest to download from and to download and setup the emulator to use the special button in the bar next to the emulator window).
  • After installing the application, just start it and go to your account.
  • Photo publishing occurs in the same way as Android phone or tablet: you can shoot photos with the webcam of the computer, but you can select «Gallery» — the «Other» to select the photo you want to upload to Instagram in the «internal memory» of the emulator. But don’t take the time to do this, first item 5 (as the photos in the internal memory yet).
  • To the desired photo from your computer was in this internal memory or in the gallery, first copy it to the folder C: Users ImaverycoolcowboyNox_shareImage (Nox_share is the shared folder for your computer and Android running in the emulator). Another way: in emulator settings (gear at the top line of the box) in the «Main» enable Root access and restart the emulator, after that, image files, videos and other files can be simply drag and drop the emulator window.
  • Once the desired photos are in the emulator, you can easily publish them from the app Instagram. In my experiments adding a photo of the Nox App Player any problems was not (but Leapdroid gave errors, although the publication happened).
  • In the emulator, BlueStacks 2 (official website: ) download photos and videos from your computer to Instagram is even easier: as in the just described method, you first need to install the app itself, and then the steps will look as follows:

  • Click on the icon «Open» in the left pane and specify the path to a photo or video on the computer.
  • BlueStacks will ask with what application you need to open the file, select Instagram.
  • Well, then, I’m sure you know what to do, and the photos will not cause you difficulties.

    Note: BlueStacks I consider in the second place not so detailed because I don’t really like the fact that this emulator does not allow itself to be used without entering a Google account. Nox in App Player can be run without it.

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