How to update Intel drivers

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Modern Windows 10 and 8.1 usually updating drivers automatically, including equipment for Intel, but the drivers obtained from Windows update don’t always last (especially for Intel HD Graphics) and not always exactly the ones you need (sometimes just «compatible» according to Microsoft).

In this guide about updating the Intel drivers (chipset, graphics card, etc) using official utility how to download any Intel drivers manually and additional information concerning drivers Intel HD Graphics.

Note: the following, the Intel driver update utility is designed primarily for PC motherboards with Intel chipsets (but not necessarily in its production). Driver updates for laptop it also finds, but not all.

The driver update utility Intel

The official website of Intel provides a native utility that automatically updates hardware drivers to their latest versions and its use rather than its own update system built into Windows 10, 8 and 7, and more so than any third-party driver pack.

To download the software for automatic driver updates on the page After a short installation process on a PC or laptop, the program is ready to update the drivers.

The upgrade process consists of the following simple steps.

  • Click the «Start search»
  • Wait until it will run/
  • In the list of updates select the drivers that you should download and install is available (will only be found compliant and more new drivers).
  • To install the drivers after you download automatically or manually from the downloads folder.
  • This whole process will be completed and the drivers are up to date. If desired, the search driver tab «earlier drivers» you can download the Intel driver in the previous version, if the latter is unstable.

    How to download need Intel drivers manually

    In addition to the automatic search and installation of hardware drivers, driver update utility enables you to search for the required drivers manually in the appropriate section.

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    The list includes drivers for all popular motherboards with Intel, computers Intel NUC and the Compute Stick for different versions of Windows.

    About updating drivers Intel HD Graphics

    In some cases, drivers Intel HD Graphics may refuse to set instead of existing drivers, in this case, there are two ways:

  • First completely remove the existing drivers Intel HD Graphics (see How to remove video card drivers) and only after that to install.
  • If paragraph 1 does not work, and you have a laptop, check out the official website of the laptop manufacturer support page for your model — maybe there will be an updated and fully compatible driver integrated graphics card.
  • Also in the context of drivers Intel HD Graphics may be useful guide: How to update video card drivers for maximum gaming performance.

    This conclude this short may be helpful for someone of the users manual, I hope all the Intel hardware on your computer working properly.

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