The Internet is not working on the computer by cable or through a router

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In this tutorial — step by step on what to do if the Internet is not working on Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 in different scenarios: Internet disappeared and stopped connecting for no reason at all for the cable provider or through a router, stopped working only in the browser or certain programs running on the old, but does not work on the new computer, and in other situations.

Note: my experience suggests that about 5 percent of cases (and not so little) the reason why the Internet suddenly stopped working with message «Not connected. No connections are available» in the notification area and the «Network cable not connected» in the connection list says that the LAN cable is not really connected: check and reconnect (even if visually it seems that there are no problems) cable from the network card slot of the computer and the LAN connector on the router if the connection is through him.

  • What if the Internet only works in the browser
  • Test network connection Ethernet
  • Drivers network card of the computer
  • Enable the network card in the BIOS (UEFI)
  • Additional information
  • Sites do not open, and Skype works, it describes in detail methods to correct the problem.

    Test network connection on a local network (Ethernet)

    If the first option is not suitable to your situation, I recommend the following steps to check the Internet connection:

  • Go to the connection list Windows, you can press Win+R on the keyboard, enter ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
  • If the connection status is «Disabled» (gray icon), click on it with right mouse button and select «Connect».
  • If the connection status is «Unidentified network» view instructions «Unidentified network Windows 7» and «Unidentified network Windows 10«.
  • If you see a message stating that the Network cable is not connected — perhaps he really is not connected or connected poorly with the network card or router. There can also be problems on the part of the provider (provided that the router is not used) or a faulty router.
  • If no Ethernet connection (LAN Connection), chances are you’ll appreciate the section about installing network drivers network cards later in the instructions.
  • If the connection status is «normal» and displays the network name (Network 1, 2, etc. or the network name specified on the router) but the Internet still does not work, try the steps described next.
  • Stay on point 6, the LAN connection shows that everything is fine (included is the name of the network) but no Internet (this may be accompanied by the message «No Internet access» and a yellow exclamation mark next to the connection icon in the notification area).

    configuring the router). Even if the settings are correct, check the connection status in the web interface of the router (if not actively, then for some reason fails to connect, perhaps the fault of the 3rd paragraph).

  • The temporary absence of Internet access by the provider — this does not happen often, but it happens. In this case, the Internet will not be available on other devices using the same network (check if possible), usually the problem is corrected during the day.
  • Problems with the network connection settings (access DNS, proxy servers, TCP/IP). Solutions for this case are described in the aforementioned article Sites do not open in a separate article the Internet is Not working in Windows 10.
  • For the 4th item from the actions that you can try first:

  • Go to the connection list, right click on Internet connection Properties. In the list of protocols, select «IP version 4», click «Properties». Set «Use the following DNS server addresses» and specify and respectively (and if there already installed’, on the contrary, to try to «Obtain the DNS server address automatically).
  • Go to the control panel (top right, under «Browsing» put «Icons») — «Internet options». On the Connections tab, click «configure network». Uncheck all boxes if any are installed. Or, if you do not have any — try to enable «Automatically detect settings».
  • If these two ways doesn’t work, try more sophisticated methods of solving the problem of the individual steps listed above in the 4th paragraph.

    Note: if you just installed a router, connect its cable to the computer and the computer does not have Internet, then most likely you just have not yet configured your router correctly. Once this is done, the Internet should appear.

    How to find out what motherboard the computer) or if it’s a «branded» computer, the official website of the PC manufacturer and in the Support section download the driver for your network card. He usually has a title that provides a LAN Ethernet Network. The easiest way to find the right website and page on the website to enter in a search engine query composed of a PC model or motherboard and the words «support», usually the first result is the official page.

  • Install this driver and check whether earned online.
  • Perhaps in this context will be useful: How to install the driver for the unknown device (if the list in task Manager there are unknown devices).

    How to go to BIOS/UEFI in Windows 10 (also true for other systems).

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    Typical sections of the BIOS where to find the desired item:

    • Advanced — Hardware
    • Integrated Peripherals
    • On-board device configuration

    If one of these or similar sections of the LAN (may be referred to as an Ethernet NIC) adapter was disabled, try enabling it, save settings and restart the computer.

    a Network adapter has a valid IP configuration.

  • If you have Windows 10, view the following two articles, may operate: the Internet is Not working in Windows 10, How to reset network settings Windows 10.
  • If you have a new computer or motherboard, and the ISP restricts Internet access by MAC address, you should report the new MAC address.
  • I hope some of the solutions to the problems with the Internet on your computer via USB cable fit for your case. If not, describe the situation in the comments, I will try to help.

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