How to remove or disable the recycle bin in Windows

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Recycle bin in Windows is a special system folder, which by default are placed temporarily deleted files with the possibility of their recovery, the icon which is present on the desktop. However, some users prefer not to have a basket in their system.

In this guide on how to remove the recycle bin from the desktop Windows 10 is Windows 7 or completely disable (delete) the recycle bin so that deleted any files and folders would not fit in it, and also a bit about configuring the recycle bin. Cm. also: How to enable the icon «My computer» (This computer) on the Windows desktop, 10.

  • How to remove the recycle bin from the desktop
  • How to disable the recycle bin in Windows with settings
  • Turning off the recycle bin in the local group policy editor
  • Turning off the recycle bin in registry editor

How to remove the recycle bin from the desktop

The first option — simply remove the bin from the desktop in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7. However, it continues to function (i.e., files that are deleted using «Delete» or «Delete» key will fit in it), but does not appear on the desktop.

  • Go to control panel (under «View» at the top right install large or small «Badges» and not «Categories») and click «Personalization». Just in case — How to log into the control panel.
  • In the personalization box on the left, click «Change desktop icons».
  • Uncheck the item «recycle Bin» and apply the settings.
  • Ready, now the basket will not be displayed on your desktop.

    Note: if the bin is simply removed from the desktop, then you can get into it in the following ways:

    • Enable display of hidden and system files and folders in Explorerand then go to the folder $Recycle.bin (or just paste in the address bar of Explorer, C:$Recycle.binBin and press Enter).
    • In Windows 10 in Explorer address bar click the arrow next to the specify the «root» section of the current location (see screenshot) and select the «shopping Cart».

    How to completely disable the recycle bin in Windows

    If your objective is to disable the delete files in the basket, i.e. to make it so that when you delete they are really deleted (as with Shift+Delete while the recycle bin), it can be done in several ways.

    The first and easiest way is to change the settings of the recycle bin:

  • Click on the recycle bin, right-click and select «Properties».
  • For each disk for which you enabled the recycle bin, click «delete files immediately when deleted instead of moving them to the recycle bin» and apply settings (if option is not active, then, apparently, the recycle bin settings changed policies, later in the tutorial).
  • If necessary, empty the trash, as what was already in it at the time of changing of settings, will continue to remain.
  • In most situations this is enough, but there are additional ways to delete the recycle bin in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 — local group policy editor (Windows only Professional and above) or using the registry editor.

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    Turning off the recycle bin in the local group policy editor

    This method is suitable only for Windows editions Professional, ultimate, Enterprise.

  • Open the local group policy editor (press Win+R, type gpedit.msc and press Enter).
  • In the editor navigate to user Configuration — Administrative templates — Windows Components — Windows Explorer.
  • In the right part, select «do Not move deleted files to the recycle bin», click on it twice and in the window that appears set the value to «Enabled».
  • Apply settings and if necessary, clean the trash files and folders that are in it at this point in time.
  • How to disable the recycle bin in Windows registry editor

    For systems that do not reflect the local group policy editor, to do the same thing using registry editor.

  • Press Win+R, type regedit, and press Enter (this opens the registry editor).
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies Explorer
  • The right side of registry editor, click the right mouse button and select «New» — «DWORD value» and enter the parameter name NoRecycleFiles
  • Double-click on this option (or click the right mouse button and select «Edit» and specify a value of 1 for him.
  • Close the registry editor.
  • After that, the files will not be moved to trash when deleted.

    That’s about it. If you have any questions pertaining to the shopping Cart, ask in the comments, I will try to answer.

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