Not the calculator in Windows 10

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For some users, the calculator is one of the most frequently used programs, but because of possible problems with its launch of Windows 10 can cause serious discomfort.

In this instruction in detail on what to do if not working calculator in Windows 10 (not opened or closed immediately after launch), where there is a calculator (if you can’t find it) how to use the old version of the calculator and other information that may be useful in the context of using the built in app «Calculator».

How to remove built-in apps in Windows 10). In this situation, you can easily reinstall it by going to the app store for Windows 10 — there it is under the name «Windows Calculator» (and there you’ll find many other calculators that you might like).

Unfortunately, it often happens that even in the presence of the calculator, it won’t start or closes immediately after launch, will deal with possible ways of solving this problem.

How to create a Windows user of 10)

  • Go to start — Settings — System — Apps and capabilities.
  • Select «Calculator» in the applications list and click «advanced options».
  • Click «Reset» and confirm reset.
  • After that try again to run the calculator.

    Another possible reason that the calculator does not run — disabled user account control (UAC) to Windows 10 try to enable — How to enable and disable UAC in Windows 10.

    If that doesn’t work, and launch problems arise not only with a calculator, and other apps, you can try the methods described in the manual do Not run Windows apps 10 (note that the way to reset Windows 10 apps with PowerShell sometimes leads to the opposite result — the job application is broken even more).

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  • To download the standard old calculator you can use the website (use the Download Old Calculator for Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 at the bottom of the page). Just in case, check the installer for (at the time of writing, everything is clean).

    Despite the fact that the site is in English, Russian system sets the calculator in the Russian language and, at the same time, it becomes the default calculator in Windows 10 (for example, if your keyboard has a separate key to start the calculator, clicking on it will launch the old version).

    That’s about it. I hope some of the readers helps.

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