How to change the drive letter of the flash drive or to assign a permanent letter to a USB drive

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By default, when you connect a USB flash drive or other USB drive in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, it is assigned a drive letter, which is the next free alphabet after letters already occupied by other connected local and removable drives.

In some situations, you may need to change the drive letter of the USB drive or assign a drive letter to it, which will not change over time (it may be necessary for some programs that run from a USB drive focusing on customization with using absolute paths), this will be discussed in this manual. Cm. also: How to change icon of pendrive or hard disk.

The letter designation for the USB drive using the Windows disk management

Any third-party program to assign a drive letter to the USB flash drive is required — this can be done using the utility «disk Management», which is present in Windows 10, Windows 7, 8 and XP.

How to change the letters stick (or other USB storage device, e.g. external hard disk) is the following (stick at the time of the act must be connected to a PC or laptop)

  • Press Win+R on keyboard and type diskmgmt.msc in the Run window, press Enter.
  • After downloading the disk management tool, in the list you will see all the connected drives. Right-click the mouse on the desired USB flash drive or disk and select the menu item «Change drive letter or drive path».
  • Select the current drive letter of the flash drive and hit «Change».
  • In the next window, specify the desired letter of the flash drive and click «OK».
  • You will see a warning that some programs that use this drive letter may stop working. If you have no programs that require that the flash drive had an «old» letter, confirm letter change stick.
  • The assignment of drive letters is complete, you will see it in Windows Explorer, and other locations with a new letter.

    How to assign permanent letter to USB drive

    If you need to make the letter specific stick was a constant, make it simple: all the steps are the same as was described above, but one important caveat: use the letter closer to the middle or end of the alphabet (i.e., such that the accident will not be rated other connected drives).

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    If, for example, to assign to the stick letter X, as in my example, in the future, whenever you connect the same drive to the same computer, or laptop (and any of its USB ports) it will have a letter assigned.

    How to change the drive letter of the pendrive in command prompt

    In addition to the disk management tool to assign the drive letter the flash drive or any other drive using Windows command prompt:

  • Start a command prompt as administrator (how to do) and of order type the following commands
  • diskpart
  • list volume (note the volume number of the flash drive or disk for which to perform the action).
  • select volume N (where N is the number from step 3).
  • assign letter=Z (where Z is the desired drive letter).
  • exit
  • You can then close the command line: your drive has the letter you want in the future when enabled, Windows will use that letter.

    This is complete and hope that everything works as expected. If something does not work, describe the situation in the comments, I’ll try to help. You may find it helpful: what to do if my computer does not see the stick.

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