How to enable developer mode Windows 10

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In Windows 10 there is a «developer mode», intended, as you can see from the title, of course, but sometimes it is necessary and for the average user, especially if you want to install Windows 10 apps (. appx) from the store, requiring any additional manipulations to work, or, for example, using the Linux Bash Shell.

In this tutorial described step by step several ways to enable the developer mode in Windows 10, and a bit about why the developer mode may not work (or to report that «failed to install package developer mode», and «Some settings are managed by your organization»).

Enable developer mode in settings in Windows 10

The standard way to include developer mode in Windows 10 using the appropriate item parameters.

  • Go to start — Settings — Update and security.
  • Then click «For developers» on the left.
  • Check «developer Mode» (if change options are not available, the solution described below).
  • Confirm enabling developer mode Windows 10 and wait for a while until the boot required system components.
  • Then restart the computer.
  • Ready. After enabling developer mode and restarting, you will be able to install any signed apps to Windows 10 as well as additional options developer mode (in the same settings window) that allows more convenient to configure the system for development purposes.

    Possible problems when you turn on the developer mode in the settings

    If developer mode is not included with the text message: failed to install package developer mode, error code 0x80004005, usually it says servers are unavailable, which are used to download the required components, that may be the result of:

    • Disabled or incorrectly configured Internet connections.
    • Using third-party programs to disable the «snooping» Windows 10 (in particular, blocking access to the Microsoft servers in the firewall and the hosts file).
    • Blocking Internet connections to third-party antivirus program (try temporarily disabling it).

    Another option when it is unable to enable developer options in developer options is not active (gray), and the top of the page the message that «Some settings are managed by your organization».

    This indicates that the settings developer mode has been changed in the policies of Windows 10 (in the registry editor, local group policy editor, or perhaps using third-party programs). In this case, use one of the following methods. Also in this context it may be useful to user manual: Windows 10 — Some settings are managed by your organization.

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    How to enable developer mode in the local group policy editor

    The local group policy editor is only available in editions of Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise if you have Home — use the following method.

  • Start the local group policy editor (press Win+R, enter gpedit.msc)
  • Navigate to «computer Configuration» — «Administrative templates» — «Windows Components» — «Deploying applications.»
  • Select (double-click on each of them — «Enabled», then apply) «Allow development of Windows Store apps and installing them from the IDE and Allow installation of all trusted applications».
  • Close the editor and restart the computer.
  • Enable developer mode on the Windows registry editor 10

    This method will allow you to enable developer mode in all versions of Windows 10, including the Home.

  • Run registry editor (press Win+R, enter regedit).
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersionAppModelUnlock
  • Create the DWORD values (in their absence) AllowAllTrustedApps and AllowDevelopmentWithoutDevLicense and set the value to 1 for each of them.
  • Close the registry editor and restart the computer.
  • After reboot developer mode Windows 10 should be included (if available Internet connection).

    That’s about it. If something doesn’t work or works in unexpected ways — leave comments, maybe I can do something to help.

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