0x80070091 error when you restore a Windows 10

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Recently in comments from users of Windows 10 appeared the error message 0x80070091 when you use the restore points — system Restore did not complete successfully. Crashing when restoring a directory from the restore point. Source: AppxStaging, unexpected error when system restore 0x80070091.

Not without the help of commentators failed to understand how error occurs and how to fix it, which will be discussed in this manual. Cm. also: restore Points in Windows 10.

Note: in theory, the below-described steps can lead to undesirable results, therefore, use this guide only if you are prepared that something can go wrong and cause additional errors in Windows 10.

Error correction 0x800070091

Specified unexpected error occurred during system restore when problems arise (after you upgrade to Windows 10, or in other situations) with the contents and registration of the applications in the folder Program Files WindowsApps.

The path of correction is quite simple — delete this folder and start a rollback from a recovery point again.

However, just delete the folder WindowsApps won’t work and, moreover, just in case, better not to delete it immediately, and temporarily rename, for example, in WindowsApps.old and in the future, if the error 0x80070091 is corrected, delete the renamed copy of the folder.

  • First you will need to change ownership of the folder WindowsApps, and get right on changing it. To do this, run command prompt as administrator and enter the following командуTAKEOWN /F «C:Program FilesWindowsApps» /R /D Y
  • Wait for the process to finish (may take a long time, especially on a slow disk).
  • To enable the display of hidden and system (these are two different points) of files and folders in control panel settings, Explorer view (read More about how to enable showing hidden and system files in Windows 10).
  • Rename the folder C:Program FilesWindowsApps in WindowsApps.old. However, keep in mind that to make it standard means will not succeed. But: third party program Unlocker with it. Important: I cannot find the installer for Unlocker no third-party unwanted software, but the portable version is clean according to VirusTotal check (but not too lazy to check your copy). The actions in this version are the following: to specify the folder at the bottom left to select «Rename,» enter a new folder name, click OK, and then Unlock All. If renaming does not pass immediately, then the Unlocker will offer to do it after a reboot that already works.
  • Upon completion, verify that you can use restore points. Likely to error 0x80070091 will not manifest itself again, and after a successful recovery process you can delete the folder WindowsApps.old (this will ensure that there is a new WindowsApps folder in the same location).

    This completed, I hope the manual will be useful, and for the proposed solution to thank the reader Tatyana.

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