How to open winmail.dat

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If you have any question about how to open winmail.dat and what the file is, we can assume that you have received this file as an attachment in an e-mail, and standard tools of your email service or operating system can not read the contents.

In this manual, details about what winmail.dat than to open it and how to extract its contents, and also why some of the recipients get emails with attachments in this format. Cm. also: how to open EML file.

What is a winmail.dat

Winmail.dat attachments e-mail contains information for the format of emails in Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format that can be sent using Microsoft programs, Outlook or Outlook Express via Microsoft Exchange. This attachment file is also referred to as TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format).

When a user sends email in RTF format from Outlook (usually older versions) and includes the design (colors, fonts, etc.), images and other elements (in particular, card contacts to vcf and calendar events icl), the recipient whose mail client does not recognize Outlook Rich Text Format a message arrives in plain text and all other content (formatting, images) is contained in attachment file winmail.dat which you can open without Outlook or Outlook Express.

View the contents of winmail.dat online

The easiest way to open winmail.dat is to use online services for this, without installing any software on the computer. The only situation when, probably, it is not necessary to use this option — if a letter can contain important and sensitive data.

The Internet manages to find about a dozen sites with file viewer winmail.dat that in my test completely successfully opened test files can allocate, the use of which is as follows (save the file attachment to your computer or mobile device, it’s safe):

  • Go to the website click «Choose file» and specify the path to the file.
  • Press the Start button and wait some time (depends on file size).
  • You will see the list contained in winmail.dat files and can download them to your computer. Be careful if the list contains executable files (. exe,. cmd, and similar), although, in theory it should not.
  • In my example, the file winmail.dat was three files — file .htm bookmark file .contains the rtf message format and image file.

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    Free software to open winmail.dat

    Computer programs and mobile apps to open winmail.dat, probably even more than online services.

    Next, list those that you can pay attention and who, as far as I can tell completely safe (but still check them on VirusTotal) and perform their functions.

  • For Windows — free program Winmail.dat Reader. Have not been updated and does not have a Russian language interface, but works fine in Windows 10, and the interface of those that can be understood in any language. Download Winmail.dat Reader from the official site
  • For MacOS — application «Winmail.dat Viewer – Letter Opener 4», available in App Store for free, with support for Russian language. Allows you to open and save the contents of winmail.dat, enables the previewing of this file type. The program in the App Store.
  • For iOS and Android from the official store Google Play and AppStore there are many application names Winmail.dat Opener Winmail Reader, TNEF»s Enough TNEF. They are all designed to open attachments in this format.
  • If the proposed programme is not enough, just look at the queries similar to the Viewer the TNEF, Winmail.dat Reader and like (only if we are talking about programs for your PC or laptop, don’t forget to check downloaded programs for viruses using VirusTotal).

    That’s all, hope you managed to extract everything you need from the ill-fated file.

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