Chemical diet for 4 weeks — principles and menu by Osama Hamdy for a month with the results

Man, searching method of weight loss, may deter its name. What is the use of some chemicals, is it harmful for health? The technique has a lot of positive reviews about the slimming effect. Why really 4 weeks to lose about 20 kg, not putting much effort, – this question is interesting to understand.

Chemical diet Osama Hamdy

The emergence method is related to research by American Professor who worked in his clinic treating patients with diabetes. Doctor Osama Hamdy developed a system of eating healthy foods. Chemical diet for 4 weeks:

  • in the body starts processing fat into energy;
  • has a balanced menu.
  • easy to carry;
  • gives the effect depending on the number of excess weight;
  • improves health;
  • requires adherence to strict rules;
  • has contraindications.

4 weeks chemical processes that start in the body with the right food, change a person beyond recognition. It is well noticeable if to compare pictures before after techniques. Why is the diet on chemical reactions give positive results? The reason for the decline of excess weight in the diet:

  • proteins for a long time creates a feeling of fullness – without the need for additional snacking;
  • a small amount of carbohydrates triggers the body to consume its own body fat;
  • the principle of compatibility of products that can help you start the necessary processes.

Before you start weight loss it is advisable to consult a doctor. Although the technique uses the right products, there are a number of contraindications for use. Desirable to practice the method in the case of:

  • pregnancy;
  • food allergies in the menu.
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the lactation period;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • diseases of the liver;
  • intolerance to foods from the diet.

Rules chemical diet

Weight loss method requires strictly observed during the month the prescribed rules:

  • to start the procedure Monday;
  • is possible to use unspecified products;
  • it is unacceptable to skip days – in case you want to start losing weight from day one;
  • limit consumption of salt;
  • products bake in the oven, the grill, cook for a couple;
  • do not use cooking oil.

Chemical diet rules include:

  • the mandatory use of water – more than one and a half liters – between meals;
  • the inadmissibility of the replacement products;
  • the exception of alcohol;
  • use of fresh vegetables, except potatoes;
  • the use of chicken without the skin;
  • fruits – all except prohibited;
  • meat only low-fat, boiled;
  • citrus – grapefruit, orange, tangerine;
  • drink unsweetened tea, coffee;
  • the indispensable physical activity.

Menu chemical diet for 4 weeks

The main product in the original methodology to the egg, so its other name – egg. As variant as its main ingredient permitted cheese. To lose weight on the egg method is recommended during the month there are three times a day. Breakfast is not monotony. Daily use includes a Cup of black coffee and 2 eggs. For dessert, 200 grams of citrus fruit. Menu Lunches, dinners differ. Diet Osama Hamdy 4 weeks requires exclusion from the diet:

  • bananas;
  • lamb;
  • grapes;
  • mango;
  • Fig;
  • dates.

First week chemical diet

The most difficult – the beginning of a technique requiring a change in dietary habits. Starts 1 week chemical diet this diet:

  • Monday. Lunch – salad of plum, Apple, orange. Dinner – lean meat, 200 g
  • Tuesday. Day – 150 g baked chicken, 2 tomatoes, Mandarin. Evening – 2 boiled eggs, lettuce, whole wheat bread, grapefruit.
  • Environment. Lunch – Cheese – 60 g, one bread, tomatoes. Dinner – Meat on a couple of 200 grams.

People seeking to lose weight over a month for this procedure, you will experience sensations of hunger, observing the diet according to the days:

  • Thursday. Lunch – valid fruit. For dinner the meat from the oven, 200 g, salad greens, cucumber and tomato.
  • Friday. Day – zucchini steamed 2 eggs. In the evening – a vegetable salad, baked fish, Mandarin.
  • Saturday. Lunch – allowed fruits. Dinner – cabbage, carrot, meat on a couple of 200 grams.
  • Sunday. Day 200 g of fillet of chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit. Tonight – eggplant for a couple.

Second week chemical diet

The next seven days feel lighter the body is already accustomed to the new type of food. The first three days 2 week chemical diet suggests the same for lunch and dinner. It is recommended that such a diet:

  • Lunch – boiled meat, low-fat, salad – greens, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Dinner – whole wheat bread, made a couple of vegetables, 2 eggs, citrus fruit – grapefruit, orange.

Further, the menu adjustments are made:

  • Environment. Lunch – grilled fish with cucumber salad. Dinner – baked eggplant with tomatoes, 2 eggs.
  • Thursday. Day – zucchini, carrots, made a couple, 60 g cheese, 2 eggs. Evening – cooked beans, 2 eggs, tomato.
  • Friday. Dinner – steam fish. Dinner – baked eggplant, zucchini.
  • Saturday. Day – meat from the oven, salad, orange. Evening – salad – pear, Apple, kiwi.
  • Sunday. Lunch – boiled chicken fillet, tomatoes, grapefruit. Dinner – grilled chicken, tomatoes, orange.

Third week chemical diet

The next seven days feature in each of them there is one type of products, but with no limit on quantity. It is important to adhere to the exception from the diet – do not eat forbidden food. Recommends 3 week chemical diet to use during the day:

  • Monday – any valid fruit;
  • Tuesday – made grilled or steamed vegetables;
  • Wednesday – fruit, vegetables, cooked or permissible ways fresh.

To lose weight and keep the result of the passage of a month of the course, this week you need to stick to the diet:

  • Thursday – any fish taken on a couple or baked lettuce;
  • Friday – done in the oven, grilled meat, chicken, garnish boiled; vegetables
  • Saturday, Sunday – days of fruit with allowed foods allowed smoothies, salads.

Fourth week chemical diet

The last seven days of passage of weight loss methods differ in that the proposed set of products for the day. Have to divide them into three stages. Includes 4 week chemical diet such recommendations:

  • Monday – 400 grams of meat, canned tuna 200 g, 4 tomatoes, and 3 cucumber, pineapple – 200 grams and an orange, whole grain bread;
  • Tuesday – Mandarin, peach and apricot, 3 cucumber, 200 grams of baked meat, 4 tomatoes, whole wheat bread slice;
  • medium – 200 g of boiled vegetables, 100 g of cottage cheese, 2 cucumber, tomato, orange.

Throughout the week you need to eat the following products:

  • Thursday – a piece of bread, half a boiled chicken, 1 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, orange;
  • Friday – lettuce and 2 eggs, whole wheat bread, 3 tomatoes;
  • Saturday – baked chicken – 2 Breasts and 100 grams of cheese, 2 tomato, cucumber, a piece of bread, citrus;
  • Sunday – canned tuna, whole wheat bread, 2 cucumbers, boiled vegetables, 2 tomatoes, orange.

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Valentina, 32 years

Two months have not seen the girlfriend never found out – she lost 14 kg. it turned Out that 4 weeks was sitting on a chemical diet. I thought that the pill was on a normal products. Asked the details, I decided to try. The first days were hard, but then got used – there was no famine. My result is more modest – 8 kg, but I’m satisfied.

Alexander, 36 years

Thought how quickly the body can recover after giving birth, and heard the reviews about the effective chemical dieting where 4 weeks you decent to lose weight. Products available, methods of cooking, too – have decided to start. The house all set up and to have supported me. Didn’t expect that this month will be the result – I went back to previous weight.

Elizabeth, 52 years

With the beginning of menopause is very much recovered, I became hard to walk. Gynecologist recommended to sit on a chemical diet. At first I stiffened from the name, it turned out that it’s all in the reactions that occur in the body with proper nutrition. After 4 weeks in the mirror didn’t recognize – was to weigh less than 8 kg.

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