What you can eat in the evening for weight loss — options for the dinner menu and food for losing weight

This kind of question many women and men faced with the problem in the form of excess weight. Even if you stayed all day, I calculated the caloric content of foods, the evening – the time when the diet may «fall». To avoid this, you need to draw up a menu.

What can I eat at night

Often the problem of those who prefers to have tight tonight is the listing of calories and consumption of heavy food. The result in this situation, it turns out that all the efforts that have been aimed at slimming, pass for nothing, disturbed sleep. To avoid such situations and to create a shape of your dreams you need to make a proper dinner for losing weight because the meal at night should be easy.

Fruit at night

To eat before going to sleep, almost not limiting yourself, you berries, but fruit is to choose food more carefully, because many of them have high calorie content. It is worth noting that even safe for the figure products is to eat at least an hour before bedtime, and just abandon them desirable to people who have stomach acidity increased. So, not to gain weight and enjoy the taste of your favorite fruit, it is important to know what is recommended to eat fruit in the evening:

  • apples;
  • pineapples;
  • oranges;
  • kiwi;
  • pear;
  • mango;
  • avocado.

Nuts at night

Figuring out what you can eat before bed for weight loss of those products, which are lists of proper nutrition, do not forget about nuts. Peanuts – ideal for enrichment of an organism of such amino acids as tryptophan. Almonds, pine nuts and cashews also contain this chemical, but in smaller proportions. You can eat walnuts at night and evening, but not to exceed the maximum rate of 20 grams: in any case, you won’t feel hungry in the evening before bed, but excess consumption will have a negative impact on the figure, because nuts are very high calorie.

Cheese at night

Most cheeses are a heavy food for digestion in the evening, for this reason, biting him at bedtime, long sleep, and the rest of the night tossing and turning. Cheeses often cause insomnia due to the fact that include an element that provides a stimulating effect on the nervous system. However, a small piece of low fat white cheese, you can still eat at night if a person has a bad mood, and want to improve it, and to appease hunger. According to nutritionists, cheese at night is permitted but for weight loss it can there is only a certain kind and in the minimum doses.

Vegetables for the night

Raw vegetables cause heaviness in the stomach, so it’s not a good choice of what you need to eat in the evening for weight loss. Boiled vegetables at night is possible, but better if it is carrots or beets, but not potatoes. To have dinner and it does not get better you will be able to vegetables as lettuce, spinach, celery: they are well absorbed and do not create discomfort in the digestive tract. As for the greens, it too can be, and is not limiting itself: parsley, dill, Basil or arugula will only benefit. From cabbage, zucchini, beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms it is advisable to refuse.

Yogurt at night

Apply the yogurt to those few useful products which can be used both day and evening without fear for personal well-being and figure. In the morning, at lunch or for dinner, this dairy product will bring only benefit the body. Yogurt at night improves digestion, especially if he was drunk after a breakdown in the form of a heavy dinner, causing stomach discomfort. If eaten in the evening, then sleep will be calm, and the next morning a feeling of heaviness will pass. Yogurt significantly reduces the load on the digestive tract, speeding up digestion and assimilation of food.

Meat for the night

Making a list of products from which it is impossible to recover, even after eating them in the evening when dieting for weight loss, it is advisable to pay special attention to the meat. The basis of many diets deservedly includes chicken breast, filet of rabbit, and Turkey. Loin of birds and animal do not contain fat, but they are sources of b vitamins, including Riboflavin, folic acid, thiamine, cobalamin. Eaten chicken, rabbit or Turkey is able to initiate many of the metabolic processes of the body to maintain normal nervous system.

Eaten 50-60 grams of low-fat protein meat over night or in the evening will help you quickly lose weight even without dieting and grueling workouts, even with such small portions you get rid of stress. To preserve a maximum of useful substances contained in the loin parts of the bird can cook them in the oven or steam method. It is worth noting that even beef also relates to useful for the types of meat, eating meals with her in the evening when losing weight is to restrict.

Fish at night

You can not categorically say that the evening before bedtime fish is very harmful. If you eat fish at night in boiled or baked form, it will help you to calm the awakened appetite, without causing damage to the body. You should choose a diet recipe that will not involve the use of vegetable oil. Baked fish will supply the body with protein and quickly absorbed even in the evening. After a couple of hours a piece will be digested and your stomach will be absolutely free, and the rumbling won’t disturb night sleep.

The dried fruit overnight

If you don’t want to get better, dried fruits, and nuts should be consumed in limited amounts, even considering their usefulness to the organism. It is better to eat them during the day, but not later in the day. Eating fruits at night, you need to chew them thoroughly to dried pieces easily digested and split. Dried fruit is a concentrated fruit sugar, so you can very quickly gain weight. If you wanted prunes, dates, raisins, etc., plan a good physical activity to burn excess calories.

Soup for the night

To get fat, especially when long went to your cherished options that are not desirable to anyone. For this reason, many girls are wondering about what you can eat in the evening for weight loss, it is better to eat to lose weight, is it possible to have soup tonight? Serving first in the evening you can eat, but the dish should be meat, vegetable, and the amount of vegetables in it is minimal. At will prefer a small bowl of soup from marine lean fish – it will satisfy your hunger and quickly digested in the stomach. Soup is one of the ideal options that are allowed to eat in the evening for weight loss.

Dinner for weight loss

The evening meal should be approximately 20% of your daily diet, while a portion is necessary to define the rule of «fist»: this means that the total amount eaten in the evening for weight loss products should not exceed the size of the palm of your hand (excluding fingers). What foods you can eat on night? Dinner with a proper diet should be light, without sweets, fried, starchy and heavy foods, and eat in the evening only proteins and slow carbs.

Cottage cheese for dinner when losing weight

Natural dairy products such as sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese is full of casein and amino acids. Some people doctors strongly recommend to eat in the evening (not just for weight loss) any of the above components to lower blood insulin levels. Cheese for dinner, slimming suit, but he should be no more than 8% fat. Try to eat a serving for 2 hours before bedtime, otherwise the stomach will not have time to digest cottage cheese for slow metabolism in the evening.

Cabbage at night for weight loss

Fresh cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli – allowed food on the evening menu for those who are struggling with the hated extra pounds. The product can be extinguished with a minimum amount of oil, bake it with eggs or make a fresh salad. Cabbage before bed helps rid your body of toxins, which is especially important when losing weight, but it is not recommended to eat in the evening even in small quantities for people suffering from different kinds of digestive issues and those who have observed flatulence.

As for the sauerkraut, if you like to eat, plan the menu so that it is included in the daily meals, but not in the evening. The product is prepared with the addition of large amounts of salt, which for many people may lead to the appearance of edema. Let sauerkraut and helps the body to compensate for the lack of minerals and vitamins, but you’d better have it at least for 2-3 hours before bedtime, and a portion of the evening should be at least several times less than what you would eat during the day.

Buckwheat for dinner for weight loss

Some who are struggling to lose weight, you need to eat in the evening something more substantial than, for example, fruit. In this case, it will help out buckwheat, which with a strong desire to replace rice or add to a cucumber. Buckwheat before bed for weight loss will help you to saturate the body with slow carbohydrates, and this means that are formed as a consequence of its processing glucose will remain in the form of extra fat folds at your waist.

Eggs at night for weight loss

Protein is an essential part of the diet of healthy food, so if the evening you want a hearty dinner, you can afford some eggs. Boiled eggs for dinner for weight loss works best, but portion of fried eggs it is better to move the next morning. For variety, make yourself in the evening baked in silicon form the omelet to cook without fat, will not harm the health and figure, if you follow a diet for weight loss.

Carrots at night for weight loss

A root vegetable that contains large amounts of dietary fiber is carrot. This source of vitamin A not only effectively improves all functions of the body, but also helps with correction, preventing the accumulation of fat in tissues. About whether to eat carrots at night for weight loss, have an ambiguous answer: Yes and no. Fresh few carrots it can replace a dinner, but the boiled root is better not to eat, because after eating carrots, the last heat treatment, the sugar level in the blood may be increased, which can lead to increased appetite.

Fruit at night for weight loss

The question, is it possible to have evening fruit, relevant to many, because you should not indulge in a delicious dinner, the main thing here is to know which of the fruits you can eat and when. So, fruits at night for weight loss has not prohibit even nutritionists, but it is important to note that the last «fruit» snack needs to be at least an hour before bedtime. It is important to observe the calorie content of, for example, from banana-89 kcal, it is desirable to refuse. It is better to choose between grapefruit and orange (or both) – they will quickly dull the sense of hunger and do not give excess fats deposited pleats at the waist.

Salad for dinner for weight loss

Tomatoes, green vegetables and herbs – those products that are acceptable in the evening, even when losing weight, and you can combine them as you like and in any quantity. Taking into account the caloric value is possible to prepare salad from boiled beetroots, carrots and potatoes. If your body normally carries the fruits relating to legumes and cereal crops, such as beans and corn, then add something else from them in a fresh salad for dinner for weight loss – so he will be much better fed.

Diet meals for dinner for weight loss

Trying to lose weight, you should not simply nothing is, and to plan your menu for the day, while still leaving a certain amount of calories for the evening, otherwise you all night to feel hunger and thoughts about food. Forget about the fact that when losing weight you can not eat after six it applies only to those who goes to bed at 9 PM. For many, the last meal should be 4 hours before bedtime.

What can I eat at night losing weight? All the principles of healthy nutrition say that to give preference in the evening you need a low-calorie light food. To prepare diet meals for weight loss better than steam and some vegetables can be boiled. In addition to the main meal in the evening for weight loss still allowed to drink unsweetened green tea, make the menu one slice of bread made from wheat flour. When you strongly want something that’s not good for the figure but very tasty, eat half minimal portions – so your diet is not facing a breakdown, but you get what you want.

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