Night sweats — causes in men during sleep and the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Attitude towards sweating is always negative, but this process is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Perspiration helps maintain body temperature and electrolyte balance, removes toxins. In fact, it is a way of self cleansing and healing the body. The problem is, if sweating becomes profuse.

That means sweating

Through the process of transpiration of the skin can be cooled. In its upper layer has a large number of capillaries. The blood quickly moves around him and brings a warmth that goes from the body through sweat in large quantities. The blood cools almost 2, and then moves in large vessels. Night hyperhidrosis is as important as the sleep itself: in this time, the body recovers its strength for health.

Why people sweat during sleep

Night sweats in men can occur due to inflammatory processes in the body. Often there is a neurological disease that provoke the regular stress, trouble, insomnia. Often night sweats in men occur when cold. Uncontrolled taking nitroglycerin, acetaminophen, other drugs forces the body to cleanse itself of harmful substances through perspiration.

Causes of night sweating in men

Night sweats in men can cause sarcoidosis: sweating armpits, feet and hands, chest, neck, forehead and the whole head covered with droplets of sweat. Sarcoidosis affects multiple systems of the body, it manifests itself as fatigue, poor appetite, fever. The person becomes nervous, twitchy. Possible cough, fibrosis of the lung tissue, the appearance of bluish spots on different parts of the body. A characteristic feature of the disease – constant night sweats in men. In this case, to determine the cause of hyperhidrosis and prescribe the correct treatment can only specialist.

Overheating of the body

If a person wakes up wet from sweat, the pillow, the first thing to suspect in such profuse night sweating, overheating during sleep. The reason for the attack – heat, dry air, warm blanket. To continue to sleep, have a shower, ventilate the room. If to speak about psychological problems, then it could be a lot of stress. In such cases, overheating during sleep is not of major concern buy a comfortable bed, don’t be nervous before going to sleep, do not drink hot coffee, quit Smoking. Night sweats during sleep normalizes itself

Night sweats after alcohol

Alcohol getting into the blood, disrupts brain activity. The brain is responsible for all processes of the body, including the perspiration. The body temperature rises, and biochemical reactions are accelerated. Man burning up with fever, begins night sweats after alcohol. During the feast, the person may not sweat, but the night sweats still there.

Alcoholism is always hyperhidrosis, problems with the liver, kidneys or other organs. Regular drinking of alcoholic beverages adversely affects the entire body, affects the quality of life. At first, everything seems innocent, but over time an adult turns into a sick old man, his appearance changes completely. If the alcoholic does not stop drinking, then everything can end in tears.

Sweating after flu

The human body responds to the invasion of infectious agents increases body temperature. As a result of intoxication, there is another symptom – hyperpolyglot: sweat head, armpits, hands and feet. So the body begins to actively fight the disease. Night sweats after SARS occurs in fever, accompanied by chest cough, runny nose, sleep apnea can start to hurt and feel dizzy.

After the body to overcome the virus, sweating man will be about two weeks: this is due to asthenic-vegetative syndrome. The patient should not rush to work, you need to give time for the body to fully recover. After pneumonia sweating can be observed about a month, and after sepsis or malaria even longer. Such patients should be treated stationary.

In what diseases a person sweats night

Night sweats in men can provoke various serious diseases:

  • tuberculosis;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • alcoholism;
  • HIV;
  • allergies;
  • cancer problems;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • overweight;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • kidney problems;
  • infectious diseases.

Reasons for sweating the whole body of men

Idiopathic local sweating is the secretion of sticky sweat, not on some separate sites, and immediately throughout the body. Usually she has a genetic predisposition. Severe sweating during sleep in men can occur due to metabolic disorders: for example, fat people sweating more than. Triggered by profuse sweating and certain foods, and the body through sweat removes harmful substances out.

Causes of cold night sweats in men

Cold night sweats may be induced by the following reasons:

  • Low HELL, and as a result, malfunction of the cardiovascular system, blood loss.
  • The abuse of alcohol. Alcohol has a negative impact on the system of thermoregulation. There is a fever or a cold sweat.
  • Migraines in the blood of men puts a lot of adrenaline that causes severe sweating.
  • Causeless hyperhidrosis occurs after suffering a stress man.
  • In adolescence the sweat can be caused by a hormonal imbalance.

What to do in case of strong perspiration

Excessive sweating in men brings in a lot of trouble to solve this problem, you should immediately:

  1. If the instigators of sweat are not diseases, male and healthy, you can use special means of protection – for example, to choose a reliable antiperspirant.
  2. Even the pharmacies offer formagel that you want to use this product: it inhibits the function of sweat glands, eliminates bad smell. Enough one use to for a week to forget about the sweat. The tool then is applied again.
  3. Night sweats – causes in men different. If they are not related to the disease will help to resolve the problem pasta Teymurova. The drug has antiseptic action, applied to the armpits.
  4. You can use boric acid – it is also good disinfects, tightens sweat glands.
  5. Neither will be able to help if in hot weather, wearing clothes made from synthetic materials. In the summer you should prefer underwear made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk or linen.
  6. Should not be neglected and folk remedies eliminate profuse sweat. Sweating, which occurs without any particular reason, can be treated with infusions of herbs. To improve condition will help decoction of oak bark, chamomile, birch buds or horsetail. To prepare this remedy from chamomile, you need 6 tbsp of chopped flowers to brew 2 liters of boiling water and infuse hour. Then put 2 tbsp of baking soda and wipe the trouble spots.
  7. For getting rid of excessive sweating armpits, feet and hands can be used the device Drionik. Therapy is carried out by means of a weak current, which is allowed in problem areas. In the us, the device has already undergone 20 years of testing and received many positive reviews from users. However, it is suitable for people with softly pronounced sweating. The course of treatment the current should be held every three months.
  8. Another effective way of treating hyperhidrosis – injection. The patient is injected under the skin in problem areas of the special drug. This can be, for example, Botox. The principle of such treatment is simple. The drug blocks the neural connection between the brain and sweat glands. As a result, after the injection can not be afraid of sweating for about six months, however, it will cost such a procedure is expensive.
  9. In extreme cases doctors suggest surgical method of destruction of sweat glands with excessive sweating.

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