Egg diet for a week — full menu, recipes with yogurt or oranges, results and reviews

For those who want to get rid of extra pounds, but don’t have the patience to experience constant hunger, life – egg diet for a week. This technique helps to fight for their slimness, achieved excellent results without the discomfort and side effects that can occur due to the low nutritional value of some methods.

Can I lose weight on my balls

Diet eggs – specially designed power system, where the main product is the egg. It helps you quickly drop weight. When this ever-present feeling of satiety, because the staple food has negative calories — a long time to digest (3-4 hours) and the body for assimilation spends more calories than it receives in return. The nutritional value of this product is due to excellent mineral composition (iron, calcium, cobalt, iodine, phosphorus), vitamin complex (B1, B12, B6, B2, D, A, E, K).

The speed of action of egg diet explains part of this product Biotin (vitamin H). It is a kind of accelerator of the process of burning fat in the body, regulates metabolic processes. The Biotin speeds up the processing of carbohydrates, they do not have time be converted into fats. Protein (plant or animal), under its influence, is absorbed completely, so there comes a feeling of satiety. Weight loss eggs – efficient, effective low-carb diet.

Egg-orange diet for 7 days

This technique is also called European. Its basis is formed by two components: oranges and eggs. The combination of low-calorie, complete protein and citrus allow using egg-orange diet for 7 days, effectively losing excess weight (9 kg). One of the advantages is that you can not cook! If obeyed, is to follow some rules:

  • drink plenty of fluids (1.5 litres a day minimum), it is advisable to use clean water without gas, green tea unsweetened;
  • limit the consumption of coffee, not drinking, not Smoking;
  • you can replace orange with grapefruit;
  • reduce this week’s exercise.

Food can consist only of six eggs and six oranges a day, but to withstand such a diet is not easy, give a more gentle option (its effectiveness is also high). Egg-orange diet for 7 days:

Day of the week





orange, 2 eggs

Boiled chicken (150 g), egg, orange

200 g chicken, Cup of 1% yogurt


2 eggs, glass of juice (not store-bought)

150 g chicken, two oranges

2 eggs, an orange, a glass of skim milk


green tea and one egg

200 g of boiled meat and grapefruit

two eggs


you can cook scrambled eggs

vegetable salad + chicken 200 g

one egg + two orange


salad: boiled carrots, greens, sour cream

a glass of fresh citrus juice and two carrot fresh

one egg, boiled (steamed) fish – 200g


cottage cheese (150 g), orange

Two orange and two eggs

mineral water


2 eggs and an orange

meat (200), grapefruit half

mineral water

Diet boiled eggs

Egg diet for 1 week, based on boiled eggs is malouglevodnomu. It is worth considering that diet boiled eggs only suitable for healthy people. A strict regime of eating three meals a day, snack is not allowed, drink are plentiful. Dinner should be not later than 18.00. Eggs for weight loss can be alternated with quail – quail 1 2 replace chicken.

Egg diet for 7 days menu:

  • Monday and Tuesday menu is the same – three meals one egg and an Apple, tea without sugar, coffee.
  • Environment. Breakfast – tea or coffee, 2 eggs. Lunch – spinach, boiled beef 100 g Dinner.
  • Thursday. Breakfast – one egg, unsweetened coffee. Dinner – fish, steamed or boiled 200 g. Dinner – 2 eggs.
  • Friday. Breakfast – tea (coffee), 2 eggs. Lunch – one tomato and 200 grams fish steamed.
  • Saturday. Breakfast – same as Friday. Dinner – boiled beef 100 g. Dinner boiled meat 100 g (you can substitute veal).
  • Sunday. Breakfast is the same. Lunch – any vegetable boiled 100 g chicken, 200 g Night – 100 g chicken fillet.

Diet for weight loss yolks

Egg yolks for weight loss drink in the morning, no more than 2 PCs., eggs boiled hard-boiled (cook 7 min.) During this diet is recommended for healthy and active lifestyle, drinking plenty of fluids, taking vitamins. Yolk diet for weight loss should last no longer than 21 days. Egg diet for weight loss can be of different variations. Here’s one:

  • Monday. Breakfast same all week – 2 egg yolks, orange or paraphrase, tea unsweetened. Lunch: chicken fillet 200 g, green Apple. Dinner: salad (orange, Apple, kiwi) and yogurt is fat-free.
  • Tuesday. Dinner: cucumber and boiled meat 200 g. Dinner: salad (cucumber, raw carrot, pepper).
  • Environment. 250 g cottage cheese (low fat), vegetable salad, a little piece of black bread. Dinner: breast of chicken baked with different vegetables (along portion weight 200 grams).
  • Thursday. Lunch: pear or Apple (fruit – any number). Dinner: chicken meat, vegetable salad with a spoonful of yogurt or low fat sour cream.
  • Friday. Lunch: vegetable stew (stews) of 200 g, a couple of slices of hard cheese. Dinner: fish (sea) 200 g of fresh or steamed vegetables.
  • Saturday. Lunch: apples and yogurt (Cup). Dinner: lean meat, salad (fruit, a spoon of yogurt).
  • Sunday. Lunch: low-fat soup, tomato, cucumber. Dinner: baked vegetables, braised for a couple.

Diet Osama Hamdy

While respecting diet of egg Osama Hamdy to lose in 28 days on 28 pounds overweight really. According to the rules of the technique, the meals sometimes don’t change, cooking without fat, a product you can use is unlimited, if the menu does not specify the amount. Every morning diet (all week) the same – two eggs (boiled soft boiled, hard boiled) and an orange or half grapefruit. Approximate diet per week:




seasonal fruit

chicken or beef (grilled)


chicken breast, orange, tomato

orange, lettuce, greens


tomato, piece of cheese, toast

the same diet as the first day


seasonal fruit

salad (cabbage, greens, carrots), lean meat


2 eggs, zucchini, peas and carrots boiled

boiled seafood or the fish of the sea, orange (grapefruit)


repeat menu on the first day

salad, vegetables, lean meat


chicken fillet, vegetables, orange

vegetables boiled

The egg-kefir diet

Another effective way to lose weight without any problems – the egg-kefir diet. This diet for a week a simple, easy to carry, the first results of the weight loss seen after 3 days of the diet. Need to drink kefir (total one and a half pints) during the day. Morning to eat two eggs. In every day of the week, add the following products:

  • Monday – boiled potatoes 4 PCs.;
  • Tuesday – 150 g of chicken meat;
  • Wednesday – beef 200 g;
  • Thursday – fish (150 g);
  • Friday – apples (1 kg) or vegetable salads;
  • Saturday and Sunday – eggs (yolks), yogurt and water.

Diet egg whites

Protein, part of protein helps to build muscle mass burning large amounts of fat. 1 egg white contains only 16 calories, so scrambled eggs for Breakfast will allow you to charge the body with energy for the whole day, without the threat of gaining weight. Diet egg whites – the most extreme of all diets. Main rules: drink water, not eat at night, to observe meal time, snacking is not. The recipe: take any menu from the above, use egg whites only.

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Catherine, 52 years

Despite far not the young age, I want to be slim and attractive. Chose Maggie «egg weight loss». The result is great! On it sat 4 weeks, I lost 18 lbs. I was at yolk diet, any discomfort did not feel, sleep even better. You can write a review, and recommend to their friends this method of losing weight!

Natalia, 32 years

The first time I sat on this food (Maggi) three weeks after the birth of my first son. After the second delivery also had a little weight to adjust, this time more than a week failed. A great method of weight loss, no hunger, easily tolerated, however, some time later on the main product not want to watch.

Sergey, 26 years

I’m not a fan of writing reviews, but then could not remain silent. Struggling with being overweight since adolescence. Tried a lot of money, fitness trainer advised egg diet protein. Combined with a gym – the result is excellent. During the week managed to lose 5 kg.

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