Fractional nutrition for weight loss menu for a month with recipes, principles and rules diet

The method of fractional power does not prohibit the use of favorite products: in the preparation of the diet should take into account their caloric content and volume of the single portion. Five or six meals are given to understand the body that it is not starved, and regularly fed. As a result, he begins to rapidly drop weight.

What is fractional power

Smaller meals – a special diet that accelerates the metabolic processes in the human body. It does not prohibit use of harmful food, but are not encouraged. Large amounts of sugar, TRANS fats in the human diet clogs the body: in the blood vessels accumulate cholesterol, skip the indicators of blood glucose, the organs acquire visceral fat. It is manifested by fatty folds, sagging skin, inflammation and all sorts of other problems. Fractional power system is able to solve them.

Principles of fractional nutrition for weight loss

Portion control does not similar to a diet: a way of life or philosophy of life. The regime is not going to help to dump 10 kg in a week, but you have to establish the right eating habits, eliminates the feeling of hunger. Food should not be a source of joy, pleasure. Food is fuel for the body, no more and no less. Basic principles of fractional power:

  1. Three times the main meal, two times the intermediate snacking.
  2. Small amounts of servings.
  3. Snacking on volume less than the core techniques.
  4. Power schedule. Preferably there are at the same time, and in between meals to withstand time 2.5 to 3 hours.
  5. Water balance. You need to drink clean water, volume – half to two liters a day.
  6. Calorie. You must strictly adhere to the norms of caloric content of the diet or to create a small deficit (about 100 kcal), otherwise the body will store fat.
  7. Proper nutrition. Recommend limiting carbohydrate foods (simple carbohydrates), eat complex carbohydrates (whole grains), saturated fats (animal origin) and fiber (vegetables, fruits).

The use of fractional power

Accelerating the metabolism main benefits of fractional nutrition for weight loss. Diet in small portions reduces the percentage of body fat, which is important for athletes. Preserve muscle not only athletes, but also ordinary people who want to gain a desired shape, will help six meals with an interval of 2-2. 5 hours between meals: during this period of catabolic (destructive) processes do not have time to start. Weight is reduced at the expense of fat mass, but not at the expense of water and muscle. For reviews smaller meals disciplinarum, changes related to the process of eating.

The serving size at the fractional power

Food small portions for weight loss is very efficient if you follow several rules. The serving size at the fractional power should be about 200-300, But it is especially important not the size of servings and calories:

  • Valid calorie main meals – 400-500 calories snack – 150-200 calories.
  • The daily rate of calories for the average person with minimal physical activity – 2000 kcal.
  • Recommended on an individual basis to calculate their rate based on the age, weight, level of physical training with special formulas and adhere to it.

Recipes for a fractional power

Recipes for the fractional nutrition for weight loss – different dietary requirements, for example:

  • Salad of green vegetables. The composition can be different green vegetables: cucumbers, cabbage, peas, onions (pen), dill, parsley, Basil, etc. it low calorie, but most nutritional value. Top a salad 1 tbsp olive or corn oil. Vegetables and greens should not be taken as a separate meal, it is better to combine with protein food.
  • Larded breast. Chicken feed small pieces of garlic. Put in a glass or other baking dish. Pour low-fat sour cream. This dish will serve a hearty snack paired with whole grain bread as a main dish in combination with cereal or salad.

Fractional nutrition for weight loss menu for a month – involves strict adherence to a schedule of meals. Stock up on disposable containers and take food with them, so as not to miss the meal. Follow the volume of the single portion, calories, detail paint the menu for the next day, better a week. Do not forget about the observance of the water balance, and sleep patterns.

Menu fractional nutrition for weight loss for a month

Sample menu fractional power for a month (one-time meal – 1 line from the list):

1. Breakfast:

  • cereal whole grains;
  • a sandwich of whole wheat bread with butter and low-fat cheese (ham);
  • fruit (banana, Apple, citrus);
  • all dishes you can add coffee or green tea.

2. Second Breakfast:

  • homemade yogurt;
  • yogurt;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • boiled eggs;
  • bread or whole wheat bread.

3. Lunch:

  • chicken broth with meatballs;
  • pasta (pasta) with beef;
  • buckwheat (not wheat) with chicken.

4. Snack:

  • dried fruits;
  • fruits;
  • berries;
  • nuts;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • home-made yoghurt.

5. Dinner:

  • fish (steamed, baked);
  • beef (braised, baked);
  • chicken breast (boiled, baked);
  • steam cutlets;
  • the egg white omelette;
  • potatoes (in jacket baked);
  • to all meat dishes adds a salad of fresh vegetables or vegetable stew.

6. Late dinner:

  • yogurt;
  • homemade yogurt;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • milk (if tolerated).

Exclude dishes that require frying. Any vegetable oil during the heat treatment allocates toxic substances harmful to human body. As a dressing for salad from vegetables, use olive, corn oil, less – sunflower. Fruit and some vegetable salads can fill low-fat sour cream (10-15%) or homemade yogurt. Stick to the daily intake of calories, avoid overeating.

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Elena, 45 years

I have a sore stomach, gastritis. Doctors recommend smaller meals. Very pleased with the result. The stomach became less trouble, I dropped a few extra pounds. Leave positive feedback and advise people with similar problems or just wish to get in shape to join such a regime.

Julia, 25 years

Third year sitting on a six-session nutrition. Crushed diet helped me lose weight to the coveted 56 pounds without losing muscle! Early suffered from night «approaches» to the refrigerator. A glass of fermented milk product for a couple of hours before bedtime solved this problem. We do not experience manic feelings of hunger, normal sleep.

Irina, 26 years

As an athlete, I can say that the fractional diet promotes the burning of fat. Frequent meals have not only fat burning but also a rejuvenating effect, as beneficial to the work of all organs and systems of the person. I recommend to make in advance the menu for the day, to result in no breakdowns in the store.

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