How to choose a baby two-wheeled bike

Cycling is not only a fascinating pastime, but also an excellent sports training. However to choose the right bike for a child is no easy task. When you select should take into consideration many factors that will depend on the success of the child and his physical development.

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1. Be sure to consider the physical characteristics of the child, age and growth. There is a special table, according to which the choice of bike takes place on the size of the diameter of the wheels.
The child’s age, years height, cm wheel Diameter, inch
1-3 75-95 12
3-5 85-110 16
4-7 100-120 18
5-9 115-135 20
8-13 130-155 24
14 26

2. In addition, measure the distance between the upper frame tube and the baby, putting the bike between his legs. It should be at least 8-10 cm

3. Seat and handlebars should be adjusted. Depends on the correct Seating of the child. At the same time pay attention to the pedals. The child should be free to get the foot to the lower position of the pedal and his foot have to be in a straightened condition. In the upper position of the pedals, the foot should not reach the helm.

4. The first time may need additional removable wheels, until the child learns to maintain balance and not feel confident.

5. You want the chain and sprocket were covered with protection to avoid getting there clothes.

6. Buying a bike is in the sports shops, not markets or hands. It should preferably be provided for warranty service.

7. Do not buy a bike that can «grow» it will be inconvenient to the child and learning to ride it will be much harder.

8. An important aspect not to neglect the security, it is necessary to buy and use Bicycle helmet, gloves, protection for elbows and knees.

9. Choose a bike with your child that he liked to try and test it in the store and buy just one that will suit you both.

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