How to foster children’s confidence

Most parents thinks that if you constantly praise children, they will grow up selfish and conceited. However, praise of a child can be and should be, important not to overdo it.

Как привить ребенку уверенность в себе

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You shouldn’t use a common, impersonal compliments, like «you’re sweet,» without any reason. And here’s a great score, cleaning in the nursery, folded toys and books is a good reason for praise.

It is impossible to exalt the child over other children, saying to Chad that he’s smarter, more talented, faster and smarter than others. It is better to specific praise for the success of the prize — winning place in the competition, best craft, etc., saying that the kid did his homework.

No need to praise your child all the time, otherwise, the value of pleasant words is lost. Praise for the first time washed dishes is appropriate, but daily praise for something not worth it.

Praising the child’s achievements in dance, sports, music etc, you need to always clarify that there is no limit to perfection and that the skill need to constantly hone. Never tell the child that he is a genius in the exact Sciences, the best dancer or musician. Possible failure in the future may lead to cruel disappointments.

The baby grew confident, we need to support his endeavors, perhaps slight fascination grow into a strong interest and become a future profession. In the case of failures do not leave your child alone with his problem. Hugs and words of reassurance will help your child to cope with his children’s distress.

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