Why punish the child and how to do it right

Most parents believe that punishment for a child is hurt, sad and humiliating. But to punish a child can be different, for example, a conversation or even a cautionary tale.

Зачем наказывать ребенка и как делать это правильно

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The conflict and the ensuing punishment — perhaps the most unpleasant in the child’s upbringing. Some argue that to punish a child is strictly prohibited, other easily spank the guilty and send in a corner. Whether to punish and how to do it correctly? Try to understand. If the child goes beyond all limits, not listening to adults or throws herself at mom with his fists, to punish.

Physically punishment. When the parents beat the child and put in the corner for the slightest fault, the kid did not understand the essence of the conflict. After all, mom and dad, claiming that he is the most dear and beloved, don’t act typical. In most cases these kids grow up to be insecure adolescents who often have low self-esteem.

Screams. Trying to convey to the child the error in his behavior, most adults begin to scream. Such adult behavior frightens, saddens and upsets the child. Sometimes it is enough just to put a kid around and just talk.

Fright. You can not scare the child in case of disobedience to Baba Yaga, a bad guy, orphanage, etc. In such cases, children simply cease to trust parents, because my mother, the most loving and dear, ready to give her child to anyone.

Deprivation of something promised. If the child is promised a toy, a trip to the Park or a movie, and as punishment was deprived of this, the baby can perceive it is more difficult than physical punishment. In such cases, it is necessary to adequately assess the punishment corresponds to the offence committed.

Tale as punishment.Tales can also be used as an element of education. Simply pick up the product with a similar situation. Thus, the baby itself will find the solution in this situation and will remedy the situation.

The conversation is too one of ways of punishment. One of the parents must stay with the child alone and ask what motivated a child, committing a particular offense, for what he did, etc. Then you need to calmly tell me what was the error, how to fix the consequences. This behavior of the adult can prevent such misconduct and desire for mischief out of spite.

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