What should be the mode of the day a pregnant woman

To birth went easily, and the baby was born healthy and strong, the future mother should take care of yourself during pregnancy. It is especially important to make a routine. Of course, some women tend to work until the ninth month, sleep for 4-5 hours a day and eat when necessary, however, to do so should not be.

Какой должен быть режим дня у беременной женщины

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In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can maintain your normal daily routine and work in a former mode. However, remember that this only applies to healthy women who are fortunate enough not to encounter morning sickness. If after examination, the doctor advised me to go to the alarm mode, the routine will have to adjust a little as diet.

After 12 weeks healthy, even strong women need to start gradually to change the mode of the day. The expectant mother should rest, take a walk, eat healthy food 4-5 times a day. After working 1 hours, should rest for 5-7 minutes, though if you have to work at the computer, we need to move away from the monitor, allow your eyes to relax. You should not exhaust themselves by hard work, frequent shopping trips, performing many tedious cases. A pregnant woman should remember that taking care of herself, she takes care of her baby.

After 30 weeks, the changes in the mode of the day becomes significant. In this time you need to have to take maternity leave and temporarily forget about work. If you had not enough time to perform special exercises for pregnant women, now it needs to find. Of course, the choice of the exercises, be sure to consult with your doctor. Not be amiss to find a few hours a week on school attendance for pregnant women. Chronic sleep deprivation in the last trimester is undesirable, so build your day so that you can sleep at least 8-9 hours. If you didn’t get enough sleep, you can arrange a quiet hour in the afternoon. Is to eat strictly by the hour, following the advice of a doctor.

If you don’t know what daily routine you should choose, consult an experienced professional. After seeing you and knowing all the essential information about your health, it will help to make an individual regime. Do not neglect the proposed recommendations, we are talking not only about you but about the baby.

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