How should we react to the tantrum of a child

About three years the child tries to defend his «I». While some cry, others stamp their feet and lying on the floor, others thrown on the mother with fists, etc. How to behave in such cases to withdraw from conflict situations with minimal psychological loss.

Как нужно реагировать на истерику ребенка

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Of course, it is better to prevent a tantrum, there are a number of rules that the child should know clearly from childhood. For example, not to go into the socket, do not cross the road alone, do not touch the knives and scissors, etc. the child must be the right choice: «You eat soup or cereal? Are you going to eat now or after the movie?». The child understands that there is a have to, but what and when, the kid will decide.

Incipient hysteria can be recognized by several signs: the baby stops breathing and pursed his lips, eyes well up with tears etc. In such cases, you need to quickly switch his attention to something else, to offer a toy along to paint or read a book.

But sometimes, what’s to stop a tantrum has failed and the scandal in full swing. What to do in such cases?

Keep the stability.Often, children instigate tantrums in public places: stores, hospitals, public transport. The mother, fearing the judgement of others, feeling a sense of guilt for such behavior of the kid, trying to coax the baby, and if not helped, to shout or hit the child. Then you need to try to ignore the others and to act in their own interests and the interests of the child.

Be the «container» for the emotions of the baby. You first need to understand what’s going on with the child during a tantrum. Refused anything, he is at first upset, then angry, and poorly behaved. To get out of this state own the child can not and hysteria continues to grow. In the heat of passion he doesn’t hear mom and unresponsive to persuasion. In any case can not silently stand by and wait for the tantrums, you can’t leave the baby alone with his emotions, it’s highly traumatic for the psyche of the child. We should not continue to scold the child or say «no», you should try to understand the feelings and emotions of a child, to bear the hatred and the kid will pay the rest.

During a tantrum , the kid shouldhug, to hold, if possible, to carry to another location. If the tantrum happened at home, you can wrap the baby in a blanket and palaukite. When the child is almost calmed down, to offer him to take deep breaths, drink? water, etc.

After the hysteria , it is desirable to stay close to the child, explain him and his behavior. Tell us about the moments in which the child’s behavior was pleasant for you.

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