How to eat well during lactation

Contrary to what the stores have a huge variety of formula milk for feeding, breast milk remains an indispensable product for the health and full development of the child. Breastfeeding provides the newborn with all the essential proteins and minerals, so nutrition of the mother during lactation should be particularly balanced.

Как правильно питаться при лактации

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1. The quality of breast milk was high and did not cause allergic reactions in a child day mother’s diet should consist of boiled or steamed foods. The nutrition mom should be present dairy products such as sour cream, milk, yogurt, curd and cheese. Yogurt is best to buy natural, without artificial additives, with the least shelf life. They will provide the body with calcium and affect the quality of breast milk. To replenish protein in the body will help boiled beef and chicken breast. The use of eggs should be reduced to 2 per week. In the diet of lactating women must be present fish dishes, as well as liver and seaweed.

2. For Breakfast it is best to prepare milk porridge, it will give you energy and give strength for the day. Lunch must be accompanied by any vegetable soup, but it is possible to exclude the peas, as it contributes to the bloating of the newborn. For dinner perfect c steamed vegetables fish: Pollock, flounder, salmon, lingcod.

3. Greasy fried meat is better to exclude from the diet on the grounds that it could provoke unwanted fat milk and cause constipation in the newborn. The same applies to fruits and berries, eat them but in limited quantities because it may cause allergic reactions in children. In the period of breast-feeding you should limit the consumption of sweets, chocolate, biscuits, wafers. Better to give preference to a small number of dried fruits, nuts, candied fruits. If you really want sweet, you can eat some marshmallows. Salty, spicy and spicy food also temporarily should be restricted.

4. A young mother should remember one simple rule: increased fluid intake increases the amount of allocated milk that is not always good, as it can lead to lactose. During lactation, the child should be eliminate alcohol and all alcohol-containing drinks, carbonated sugar water, citrus juices and strong coffee. To drink is also recommended specialized herbal teas sold in pharmacies, which are beneficial to human milk. If the packaging of tea is marked BIO, do not be afraid — this means that the components of the tea are grown in ecologically clean natural zone and are safe. Receiving specialized vitamin complexes in breastfeeding will only benefit. It should be chosen after consultation with the attending physician, and applied strictly according to instructions.

5. Every breastfeeding woman needs to eat, not only balanced, but also to follow a certain schedule. Half an hour before latching the baby to the breast the mother should receive adequate food and drink. Only in this case, the lactation will be held correctly, no problems, and development of the child will occur in a positive trend.

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