How to get stains from a ballpoint pen

Schoolchildren, students and office workers on clothing often appear unsightly ink stains from a ballpoint pen. But an ink stain on clothing is not a reason to throw it away. To effectively remove ballpoint ink from clothing and any other fabric you can easily using the handy tools available in every home.

Как вывести пятна от шариковой ручки

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1. Method of getting rid of spots will depend largely on the kind of contamination. The easiest case is if the knob is accidentally «struck» of the fabric, leaving a faint trace of the ball. In most cases (especially if the paste is pale) from such contamination is possible to remove with normal machine washing – just need to choose «quick» program, and a full cycle with pre-wash. If you want you can pre-soak the soiled areas in a solution of washing powder or moisturize them and RUB with bar soap.

2. If Biro, or distinct, for example, for a sleeve shirt blurred svezheizbranny page – stains before washing will have to be withdrawn. This can be done by using stain removers or bleach appropriate for the fabric or «improvised», solvent ink. It is convenient to do this with hairspray – just «spritz» a few times on the contaminated area and wait 10-15 minutes until the stain will not fade, and then send the thing in the wash. You can also dampen a cotton pad with the remover of nail Polish and gently, without wiping, cover the stain top for 5-10 minutes – acetone that is part of such funds, successfully dissolves the ink. However, it is important that the tool for removing the varnish was colorless, not having in its composition of dyes. Dissolves ink and alcohol, allowing contamination of a ballpoint pen with rubbing alcohol, vodka, Cologne, and other alcohol-containing liquids. Excellent job with the discoloration of the ink spots and «protivopokazanie» pens erase the ink with a screwdriver quite a few times to hold the eraser head pen on the stained place.

3. You can use and proven «grandma’s remedies». Dissolve in water of ammonia (1 teaspoon to ½ Cup of water), and the resulting composition of the impregnated area of clothing which is contaminated with ink. After two or three minutes, rinse composition and look away if a spot or repeat or rinse the thing in the cool water. For whites, you can use ammonia mixed with hydrogen peroxide in the ratio of 1:1. Good bleaching properties and lemon juice. You can squeeze a certain amount of juice to pollution or RUB marks from the handle with lemon juice.

4. If stained a colored fabric, soak the garment in sour milk and then wash it in warm water with soap and 10 grams of borax solution per 100 ml of water. You can also handle the contaminated area with a solution of glycerine or turpentine. Thing of silk or wool can be treated gasoline with soap and water, then wipe the contaminated area with a swab dipped in alcohol or acetone solution. After that, pour the stain with talcum powder and leave until dry.

5. If the contamination is extensive (it happens more often in cases when the pen «flows» on the clothes) – removal of stains will require more effort. Simply handle the stained spot stain remover or a solvent in such cases it is impossible – the content of pigments in paste pen high, and the spot in this case immediately «melt» the fabric and greatly increase in size. Therefore, the procedure in such cases would be somewhat different.

6. Traces of leaking pens are usually very intense, often thick ink time to soak into the fabric as a whole. The first thing to do in this case is to reduce their number. Fresh, prophetic wet stains you can very gently blot with a paper towel or cotton cloth – no rubbing and no «smearing» of ink. If the stain is already dried up – squeeze on a cotton swab with alcohol, acetone, liquid varnish remover, or other solvent ink substance. The cotton swab should be slightly moist, but not wet. Gently RUB with a stick from the edges to the center of the dirt, trying not to touch and not wet clean cloth. When the fleece is colored, take a new stick and repeat the operation. In this way you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of ink on the fabric.

7. To prevent spreading the paste out of the pen on fabric the edges of the spots with wax or paraffin. You can either light a candle and drip around spots of melted wax, rubbed it on a cloth or thickly grate the fabric with the back of the candle. A candle is better to take white, the fabric is not stained. After that sprinkle ink contamination of the talc, starch or table salt, gently rubbing in the fabric. Wait 20-30 minutes and then clean off the powder – it will absorb some more of the paste.

8. Put under the spot folded in several layers of paper towel, towel or unnecessary light cloth. Soak a cotton ball in any of the above cleaning solutions, apply to stain and leave for a few minutes. After that, DAB the contaminated area with a paper towel and repeat 3-4 more times to until the stain is gone. Paper or cloth cushion under the fabric change as pollution.

9. After the ink is cleaned, let the fabric dry and butter knife or any other flat metal object to clean off the protective layer of wax. To remove paraffin residue soaked into the cloth, put it under the spot with a paper towel, a second towel to cover the printed spot from the top and carefully iron with a warm iron. Under the influence of temperature, the paraffin melts and is absorbed into the paper and fabric will be slightly noticeable trace of fat. To get rid of it, wash a thing in the washing machine either in normal mode or with the addition of a small amount of powder detergent.

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