Tip 1: How to wear a cap toe

Traditionally, the cap-toe is considered to be the subject of the male wardrobe, but with the development of fashion trends the lines are blurring. Such caps are now worn by many women, and they Supplement not only for sports and everyday images, but also, for example, business style. Indeed, such an accessory as a cap-toe can be a bright and stylish detail adorning the way. However, despite the apparent simplicity of this garment, there are some nuances that you should consider to complement your look.

Как носить шапку-носок

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1. Hats of this tailoring is very affordable, and you can find absolutely not similar to the rest of the model. They come in thin and thick knit, long and classic, with the buboes, and without, plain and with ornament.

2. Typically, the cap-toe is worn with sportswear or reperskom outfits. However, ladies can easily wear it with casual clothes fusion or casual. And if you heed the recommendations of the designers, you can even wear them with dresses, fine Jersey, Jersey or wool. Pick a woolen dress and a hat thick knitted scarf and wrap it around the neck of the outfit will be relevant and challenging.

3. The cap-toe can be in one ensemble a bright accent, not merging with the rest of the clothes. It does not need to pick up a coat, jacket or bag tone on tone, but if you wear cap-toe spring or summer in an unusual accessory, then it will look good heavy ornaments from large stones, metal bracelets and earrings, as well as today’s fashionable woolen stockings or socks. Do not limit yourself to the standard grey, black and pastel shades – bright and rich colors in winter will help you not get lost in the crowd. It is not necessary to wear a cap with a classic clothes, trousers, dress shoes, heels, coats-coat.

4. As models of hats-socks a lot, then buying any, you should try it in different variations. For example, it is possible to pull tightly to the top or, conversely, to put lightly, like a hat. Girls prefer to wear the so-called cap-stocking, whose base is slightly longer than the cap toe. Body cap fits over the eyebrows, and the back part is stretched to cover the neck. If you have beautiful long hair, you do not need to hide under a hat. The same applies to model bangs looks very nice shallow cap-toe with direct thick bangs. Small narrow cap, if weather permits, you can put on the crown, opening the forehead and slightly crushing its lower end.

5. Most often the cap-toe are slightly lowered his neck. But in principle, it is possible to wear it slightly sideways, it is possible to pull tightly to the eyebrows. Best of all, this hat looks with your hair down.

6. When buying hats, sock don’t forget to pick up other matching accessories. Solid, thoughtful way always looks better. Buy a matching scarf, gloves. Easier to just buy the whole set of kit.

7. When choosing caps pay attention to the material of products, its density. It is very important that this hat is well-kept form. Leaky caps would be very difficult to tuck, and over time they deform and become formless.

8. Cap-toe with a long edge requires a certain hairstyle. She looks perfect with long flowing hair, or conversely, to extremely short haircuts. And here is the extended Bob or Bob with this hat will look not very good.

9. If you have bangs, choose a short cap-toe high-rise. This hat besides will go well with classy and business clothes.

10. If the cap-toe is for you – comfortable headwear for sports activities in the fresh air, the best choice would be the hat of medium length. She may not look as stylish but it will protect ears and head from the cold. Best of all, these hats will be combined with a sporty style.

11. The cap-toe can be decorated with additional decorative elements. Now, for example, a very popular hat with POM-poms. They will give a playful and Flirty touch to several brutal cap-toe.

12. A win-win for both men and women – a combination of cap-sock with a casual manner. It can be easily worn with jeans, jackets, parks, shirts, light dresses and simple skirts. Now no surprise and the combination of such cap with the business image, but you need a fine sense of style. If you plan to wear a hat, socks, Trouser suits, elegant coats, minimalist shoes, give preference to hats neutral colors: gray, black, camel, wine color caps will not look out of place next to the strict elements of a business wardrobe.

13. Appropriate this model will look great with evening outfits for a romantic date or a gala event in the fresh air. You only need to consider the features of your outfit. Elegant evening dress, high-heeled shoes and fine accessories to complement well with hat pale colors, or a cap toe with decorative elements. If you decide to make a hat vivid detail of an image, try to avoid other bright accents. In General, in the collections of contemporary designers many hats-socks which can easily wear with the most luxurious evening dresses.

14. A good example will be the image of the jacket-leather jackets, tight jeans, elongated voluminous sweater, biker boots and a cap toe. Another stylish option is a voluminous cocoon coat pale, pastel shades, light blue jeans rolled up, shoes or sneakers, and a bright, stylish cap-toe. Another sure-fire way: jacket or down jacket, a simple knit dress, tall boots, flat shoes, a small bag with a long strap and simple cap-toe.

15. Trendy option – thick, elongated model. They are similar to a pipe, rounded at the end. Another name for this headdress – wearing-stocking. It should be possible to pull on the forehead, and a rounded end to leave hanging on the neck.

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