Tip 1: How to sew a skirt bell

Bell skirt is a stylish and bright piece. It is suitable for special occasions and for everyday wear. Besides the beauty, this skirt has another important advantage: it’s very easy to sew. To make the skirt bell with his own hands would require very little time and effort, the main thing is to follow simple instructions.

Как сшить юбку полусолнцем

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You will need

  • • Fabric and accessories for sewing skirts
  • • The tape
  • • Line
  • • Scissors
  • • Tailor’s chalk
  • • Sewing pins and needles
  • • Sewing machine
  • • Iron


1. First remove the measurements. Only need 2 measurements: waist and length. Keep the tape, which froze, not slack. Product length is measured from the waist line to the intended bottom of the skirt. For convenience, you can mark the waist with ribbon. Don’t forget to lock the measurement results.

2. Now we need to start the pattern. Make it very easy: skirt pattern-the bell is a structure consisting of two semicircles, a smaller radius R1 – a waist circumference of greater radius R2 – skirt length + the distance from the edge to the waist line.

3. Do the necessary calculations. We first calculate the radius of the smaller semicircle R1. According to the formula, the circumference L = 2nr. As bell skirt is a half circle, so in our case, with the known measure waist girth () formula looks like this:
2ОТ = 2nr1,
reducing the numbers and calculated the radius.
The result:
R1 = a/π.
where π is known to the digit in mathematics the ratio of the lengths of the circumference and diameter and equal 3,14159265…
Conclusion: the radius of the smaller circle pattern of the skirt is equal to the volume of the waist divided by the number π.
The radius of the larger circle is calculated simply: the skirt length (DI) added to the value of the smaller radius R1.

4. When all calculations are made, you can make a pattern directly on the fabric. If the fabric does not have a clear direction of the figure, you can simplify the task, making only one seam on the skirt. When cutting the fabric folded in half so that the distance on both sides of the rectangle were no less than R1 + R2 + ~ 7cm (one side seam and hem the bottom – both sides).

5. The next step is to cut out the details of the skirt with scissors. You need to follow strictly the dotted lines bleed at the seams. Through primaqiune zipper sew the seam of the skirt. Ratatouille it vrazbezhku and vsheyte zip fastener.

6. Take the adhesive fabric for corsages cut strips. Its length should be equal to twice the folded belt. This band need priotity to the underside of the belt, and then zastrochit his sides and turn out there. Fold in half and press.

7. Before pritchet waistband to the skirt, slightly pripasayte her waist with a wide seam with stitch. Alternatively, you can lay hand straight seam with a needle and gently pull the thread. So the skirt will sit better on the figure. Baste the front side belt (the one to which the interlining glued) to the skirt and sew the seam. Try to avoid folds in the stitching. Pristrochite inner side of the belt by any suitable fabric for this method.

8. The edge of the hem of the skirt should be preparedit hand-stitch or machine stitch wide. The hem need to tack inside out and priotity. Make sure that the bottom line is not twisted. At the end sew the hem manually hidden seam, machine straight stitching or Poggibonsi seam. The final touch – make a loop on the waistband and sew button.

9. To make the process of sewing a skirt polyanna even easier, you can do for her elastic waistband. You don’t have to carve out a belt of fabric inserted into a skirt hidden zip. When measuring you need to take the amount of poluobhvat hips, so a skirt was easier to put on. To make a skirt measure directly the elastic waist with drawcord small, cut piece of gum, taking account of the allowances. Then this part of the gum crosslinked in a ring and sewn to the skirt. Allowances couturiaux on the skirt and processed in a zigzag pattern. At the completion of the skirt polyanna need to handle it the bottom seam to the hem or double hem (when cutting do not forget to define the desired length for a seam allowance.)

10. Bell skirt in floor will look very feminine and elegant. For cutting the skirt length of 1 meter you will need a 2.2 meters of the fabric. The share of filament will go to the left vertically, and bend the fabric – the top is horizontal. To cut the pattern without bending, but it will take a lot of space for fabric. The skirt pattern do directly on fabric, cut out. It will be good to give her a couple days to hang on primako, stretch. Then the side seams of the skirt are sewn, stitched belt. The bottom of the skirt must be processed by the double-hem.

11. Sew a skirt-a bell on the bias, at first glance, it is easy, but there are some nuances. It is important to connect cut on the bias edges. Watch that the top edge is not stretched relative to the lower center skirt will be located on oblique lines at an angle of 45 degrees, and the side seams are pointing in different directions. One edge of the skirt has a shared direction, and the second is transverse. When sewing one of the sides will «sit down» and assembled is longer than the second.

12. If the skirt is made from fine plastic fabric, there is a risk that the Central line will SAG. Moreover, it can be seen only wearing the finished skirt. To avoid this, well baste the side seams before you sew them on a typewriter. Hanging in the center of the skirt edges need to be cut off after the product is hung 1-2 days. It is particularly difficult to align the fabric with satin weave. These skirts should hang at least 2 days on a hanger or hooks.

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