How to wash the faded things

Faded things that may become relevant even for the hostess who strictly observe all the rules of washing. Sometimes the paint comes off of clothes just after exposure to the rain or with careful washing in cool water. How to wash out stains and return things to their original color?

Как отстирать полинявшие вещи

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1. The most common cause of shedding things is Laundry in the wrong mode – the colors go with the fabric under the high temperature of the water. Another common problem is re-grading in the wash, when, for example, one brightly colored towel generously «shares» to their color with all the things loaded into the tank. And finally, the reason for the shedding can become unstable colouring of the fabric – in this case, part of the pigment comes off with the clothes at the first contact with water. If the result of this «wash out colors» unstable painted thing turned pale, has acquired an uneven coloring, markings – to restore its original appearance will not succeed. But things affected by contact with lint tissues can be used to save and restore their original color. The procedure will depend on the color and type of fabric.

2. The white things faded traces are especially noticeable after the Laundry together with colored things they can acquire untidy gray or completely be painted in any color. If you notice a color change immediately after washing – try to immediately wash things again, adding a compartment for pre-wash bleach (powder or liquid designed for use in washing machines) or power washing. If bleach is not at hand – you can use it as a baking soda, citric acid, or aspirin.

3. If white fabric is heavily stained or has gone to spots before washing can soak them for 2-4 hours in water with bleach solution. However, «Whiteness» or other preparations containing active chlorine can not be used – they will make the fabric yellowish. If you prefer folk remedies – you can soak things in salt solution (2-3 tablespoons per liter of water), aspirin (5 tablets per liter) or a soap solution by adding hydrogen peroxide or ammonia solution (tablespoon per liter).

4. The white fabric of cotton or linen can be cleaned from faded spots, wash in the washing machine at maximum temperature (boiling). You can also use the «grandmother’s recipes» digestion underwear. Things immersed in an enamel basin or a large pot with a solution of washing powder (you can add a little peroxide or ammonia), brought to the boil and digested for 10-15 minutes. Then you need to wait until the water cools off a bit and wash clothes. This method is quite destructive to tissues, however, allows you to return things to the original white. Before boiling, make sure that the clothes do not contain synthetic inserts and other parts which can be deformed under high temperatures.

5. Restoring color things – the process is more complicated because a sloppy use of bleaches and stain removers can not only reduce the stains, but damage the «native» color of the fabric. Therefore it is possible to use only special funds, on the package says that they are suitable for colored fabrics (usually marked «Colour») and should not exceed manufacturer’s recommended dosage. Soak the damaged item in warm water with a stain remover for colored fabrics, then wash. If the detergent contains a note stating that it is suitable for use in a typewriter machine, you can do without soaking – just select the mode with pre-wash. In this case, as when washing white clothes, bleach is placed into compartment for prewash and washing powder or shampoo used for the basic. Wash coloreds at low temperatures (30-40 degrees) – modern stain removers and washing powders work efficiently even in cold water. The temperature increase will not improve the quality of washing, but may damage native color of the fabric.

6. Can be used for «intensive care» changed the colour of prophetic and public facilities. To remove stains from colored fabric it is best to use ammonia. It is diluted in warm water (a tablespoon of ammonia per liter of water). Things with faded spots soaked in the solution for an hour and a half. Despite its simplicity, this is a very effective way of restoring damaged fabric colors. Baking soda, salt or citric acid on the painted fabrics it is better not to use – they have a bleaching effect, so under their influence things might blanch.

7. In order to further prevent problems with faded spots, follow the washing. Wash whites separately from colored, light – painted with bright colors. Before placing light things check drum one dark sock, hiding in the corner of the drum can lead to the fact that things get corrupted. When washing in the washing machine colored things strictly follow the temperature regime, use products for colored fabrics, as well as «traps for the color» – they will prevent the appearance of spots.

8. New coloured items it is better to wash before use at a temperature of 30-40 degrees – in this case, all the excess paint them «get away», and they will not wear painted linen or body. If you see that the washing newly purchased clothes water or foam from the washing powder painted – so you are dealing with a fragile fabric. In this case, it is possible to fix color «people’s way». Dissolve in a basin of warm water and ordinary table vinegar at the rate of 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water and soak in there just washed the thing. Let stand 20-30 minutes, then rinse in cold water. Vinegar able to «fix» the paint on the fabric. Wash new items separately from the rest until, until you are sure that they stopped shedding.

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