How to optimize costs

Unfortunately, not every family can boast of a high income when the money is enough for all, and a little more remains.

Как оптимизировать расходы

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Two issues of eternity: «Where does the dust and what happens to the money?». Lack of funds is concerned, most average families whose income is small. How to plan the budget to have enough for daily expenses, and even a little put off.

First and foremost, you need to estimate what spent recent salary, for this you need to have a notebook in which to record even the minor expenses. In another month, it will be clear what you can save.

The bulk of the expenditure goes to purchase food. Going to the store, you need to make a shopping list and stick well. Buying according to the principle «seen — bought» saving is unlikely to succeed. In any case, it is impossible to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, the smells of muffins, coffee, sausages, etc. will beckon to whet the appetite and provoke to purchase something that is not needed. If time allows, you can go to several shops and to choose a product with a lower price, even in closely located stores, prices of same products may differ substantially. Various actions will also help to save money, it is important not to forget about the expiration date.

Costs for utilities are inevitable, but they are slightly reduced. The electricity bill will significantly decrease, if the normal light bulbs to replace energy-saving, and they learn how to turn out the lights in empty rooms. Closed the tap while soaping the dishes will save several liters of water, the bill for which, ultimately, will be slightly lower. Unused devices: charger, cooker, Hairdryer, etc. it is better to disconnect from the network, because they use electricity even when switched off.

Household chemicals — an essential element for the care of the house. But some gels and powders, you can replace the improvised means: citric acid, baking soda, dry mustard, Laundry soap, etc.

The car is not a luxury but a means of transportation, but, nevertheless, in order to save, you can take public transport or walk if the distances are small.

Expensive clothing is better to buy off-season, because we all know that jackets, coats, down jackets in the summer are much cheaper, and a swimsuit in the winter can be purchased for next to nothing.

Learn to save is not difficult, the main thing to ask for. The money he managed to save can be spend on leisure and entertainment of children or the purchase of something new.

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