How to avoid odor in washing machine

A couple of decades ago our mothers and grandmothers never imagined that he would invent such a wonder of technology like a washing machine. This unit will wash and rinse and wring out linen. But in our time, this washing machine was a real salvation, especially for working women.

Как избежать появления неприятного запаха в стиральной машине

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Like any other appliances, a washing machine requires some care. To avoid unpleasant odour in the machine, you need to follow a few simple guidelines:

after washing the door cars need to keep open, it will help the moisture to evaporate naturally;

— the Laundry should be removed from the machine immediately after washing;

— no need to use the washing machine as a basket for dirty Laundry.

To avoid odor, you must also perform some preventive treatments:

— once in a month and a half to start the car the idle cycle (without Laundry) at 90 degrees, not bad to add 1 measuring Cup of washing powder;

— 2-3 times a year to run the machine in the «boiling», but instead of detergent to use citric acid — 20 g per kilogram of load, i.e. if your washing machine is designed for 5 kg of dry linen, 100 g pineapples is enough;

— the water remaining in the seal gum, you need to remove with a sponge or absorbent cloth, it is advisable to do this after each wash;

— Laundry is on very low temperatures is also best avoided, otherwise the dirt from the clothes will accumulate in the location of the drain, which will also serve the cause of unnecessary smell;

washing powder is best to choose well-known brands, proven in the market of household chemicals, and fabric softener to use is strictly necessary, and not all of the washings in a row.

If all preventive measures have been implemented, but the smell is still there, you should not rush into contacting a service professional. Probably just a clogged filter. To clean it is a snap, simply open the panel covering it, remove the filter, rinse it and dry.

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