How to bleach linen in the home

Many Housewives faced with the fact that white things lose their original whiteness and acquire an unpleasant yellowish or gray shade. However, do not rush to throw the thing, there are some simple and effective ways to whiten it at home.

Как отбелить белье в домашних условиях

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The easiest and most obvious way to otbelivanie, which was used by our grandmothers. To boil things, you need to put them in a deep basin, bucket, pot, etc., cover with water, add washing powder and boil for about half an hour, turning my undies. Don’t forget that this method is only for cotton fabrics.

Bleaching table salt

This method is suitable for whitening synthetic things that can not be boiled. This requires warm water (about 40 degrees) dissolving table salt in the amount of 2 tablespoons for each quart, and place in a bowl of white stuff. After 20 minutes white remove, rinse and dry.

Whitening with hydrogen peroxide

To prepare the solution, you need 3 tablespoons of peroxide dissolved in 10 l of warm water and soak in this bleach stuff for half an hour. Then the linen must be rinsed and dried. This method is usually bleached lace and guipure curtains.

Bleaching ammonia

This method is ideal for whitening things from flax and cotton. To prepare the solution you need 6 tbsp. of ammonia dissolved in 10 l of warm water much. In the basin with the prepared solution things to put for 2-3 hours, then squeeze and rinse several times.

Bleaching with potassium permanganate

To prepare the solution, should be dissolved in 10 liters of hot water dissolve 200 g of washing powder, potassium permanganate should be very little to keep the water turned pale pink. Things that require bleaching, should be placed in the basin with the solution, cover it with cling film and leave until cool water. Then the solution should be drained and the clothes rinsed 2-3 times, then dried in the usual way.

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