How to wash pillows in the washing machine

All bedding need to be cleaned periodically, and pillows – is no exception. Most pillows can be washed both by hand or in the washing machine. In the latter case, a long and laborious process of bringing them up is somewhat easier.

Как стирать подушки в стиральной машине

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What types of pillows can be washed in the machine

If be careful to choose the right wash cycle and detergent machine washing are able to transfer a large part of the pillows. Can be subjected to such an operation.

  • down and feathers,
  • stuffed with wool (usually camel or sheep),
  • filled with padding polyester or hollofayber,
  • with bamboo fiber
  • anti-stress pillow with silicone balls.

Do not wash at home pillow the following types:

  • padded,
  • Bonnell,
  • with the «memory effect»
  • with organic fillers (buckwheat hulls, berries, seeds, flax seed, etc.).

General rules wash pillows in the washing machine

Pillows can be washed in two ways: either entirely, without removing the pillow-case, or «disassembled» form. In this case, the seam on the pillow-case rasplyvetsya, the filler is carefully removed and put covers for washing (in this respect it is possible to use a dense pillow cases). Pillow is going together and sutured after washing and drying. This method is more time consuming, but it allows better to dry the filler, and use against the pillow tighter modes of washing, bleaching, etc.

When washing pillows in the washing machine it is necessary to choose a delicate, gentle the wash cycle at a temperature of 30-40 ° C and spin at low speed (not more than 600) – then the filler will be less to slide and deform. The mode of drying for pillows cannot be used – the hot air will ruin them forever.

To wash pillows it is better to use dry washing powders and liquid detergents – they are better washed. It is advisable to use extra rinse. Bleach better not to use – they’re destructive like a pen, and synthetic fillers.

Правила стирки подушек в стиральной машине

Should be washed in the machine at the same time the two cushions (or spread the filler on two-three cases) – then they will be evenly distributed on the drum of the washing machine. You can add in the drum a couple of tennis balls – they will «break up» the filler and not to allow it to slide.

To dry the pillow should be in a horizontal position – for example, expanding on the dryer or the clothesline. Ideal for drying will be warm, well ventilated room. Drying the pillow is necessary from time to time to whip the hands and turn, not letting the filler cake or gather in a clump.

How to machine wash pillows filled with down and feather

The «traditional» pillow with down and feather in terms of washing are the most time consuming. This is the only type of pillows that cannot be washed entirely «breaking» required. Otherwise the filler will just not be able to dry out and the pillows will soon begin to emit an unpleasant smell of rotten feathers.

Prepare at least 2-3 of the cover for washing the filler – tight pillow is free of tears or bags of teak or similar fabric. Before washing them you can sew or tie a tight knot. You can make cases double-layered, invest in additional pillowcases – if the feathers during washing «slip away» in the drum of the washing machine, they can clog the drain. The smaller feathers will be in each of the case – the better washing and drying.

In order to take out the filler, the pillow-case vparivaya the seam. This should be done very carefully, without sudden movements, otherwise light filler will quickly spread throughout the house, and to collect feather and down is very difficult. It is best to first open the seam at 10-15 centimeters, place the corner cushion inside the cover and squeeze it filler. And only at the last stage you can open the seam at full length and a hand to collect the remains of the pen pillow.

Как стирать подушки из пера и пуха

Place the filler into the washing machine and wash it according to the General rules. In this case, it is best to choose a detergent designed for wool. It is mandatory and extra rinse.

During washing feather definitely will knock the stuffing out in clumps. After washing be sure to fluff filler wet hands. To accelerate drying, lay the covers on a towel or folded several times a sheet and the duvet cover, wrap the «sandwich» into a tight roll and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. The fabric will absorb excess water.

Dry in a warm place, periodically stirring and turning the covers. Usually the complete drying pore filler takes at least two days. You can then put the filler into the pillow case, washed separately and tightly closed.

Wash pillows with natural fillings of wool or bamboo

Cushion these types can be washed together with pillow-case, and in «disassembled» form. However, if we are talking about large pillows for example 70×70 cm – it is better to remove the filler and split it into two parts. Small items can be washed and the entire.

Wash wool and bamboo in delicate cycle, extra rinse is also essential, especially when it comes to wash pillow-case – residues of detergents, not vybivshiysya from the interior of the filler can lead to a «bonding» of natural fibers together. If that happens the cushion after washing will be tough, «Packed».

Optimal detergent for pillows made of wool or bamboo are shampoos for cashmere. However, other liquid detergents intended for washing wool are also suitable. Powder is better not to use – it washed out much worse.

The spin should be very delicate – no more than 500 rpm. If the washing machine is not provided for these modes – it is better to wash without spinning, and then drain off the water and squeeze the pillow with your hands, not twining. Can be used to remove excess water and method by wrapping in a towel.

During drying regularly fluff up the pillow. If the filler has worn off separately by pushing it back into the pillow-case can be further «rasterbate» fiber, fluffed them.

Можно ли стирать подушки в стиральной машине

Wash pillows filled with synthetic winterizer and a hollofayber

Often pillows with synthetic fillings recommended do not machine wash, only by hand. If automatic washing fluffy fibers invariably roll pillow loses its elasticity. However, with careful handling Laundry is still possible.

Choose a gentle wash cycle suitable for synthetic and a temperature not exceeding 40%. Disable auto spin mode – it is detrimental for holofiber and padding polyester, tangled in lumps of filler will not be able to «rasterbate». In any case, do not use bleach, give preference to liquid assets. Use tennis balls.

After washing, gently remove any excess moisture, without twisting pillow. After excess water glass, dry in a horizontal position, periodically stirring and turning occasionally. To dry these pads pretty quickly.

If you decide to wash the pillow case separately before the «Assembly» of synthetic pillow filler can be «wspolicy», combing it with a brush for combing hair (they are sold in pet stores).

Machine washable pillow-antistress

Wash pillows filled with polystyrene balls has its own specifics. To the filler machine at 30-40 degrees will not hurt. But if during the washing process balls will slip out of the pillow-case – clogged filters cars can possibly lead to the call of the master.

Therefore, if you decide to wash the pillow antistress entirely – make sure durability of a pillow-case, no fading of the fabric and divergent sutures. Better to put the extra pillow case for washing. With separate Laundry easier to clean the filler manually shifting it in the case for washing, soaking in lukewarm soapy water and then rinsing.

Use delicate modes no spin, dry in a horizontal position. Polystyrene does not absorb moisture, so the pillow will dry rather quickly.

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