What not to say to a man under any circumstances

«The woman should be a mystery» — a phrase we heard time and again. However, this does not mean that you should shut up and go with a mysterious kind, in this case, the girl may be a little crazy.

Что нельзя говорить мужчине ни при каких условиях

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Regardless of with whom the girl communicates in the moment, be it husband, lover, colleague, friend or just a nice neighbor, there are things to say and tell is strictly prohibited.

Sometimes, to boast her attractiveness and desirability, the girls tell how many men pay attention to them, how many sex partners as they were well or, conversely, not very, etc. This topic is a taboo, such a maximum can be discussed with a very close friend. It is not necessary to extend on the topic of the first man: who he is, where and when it happened is important for girls event.

Behavior, appearance, habits mother’s companion is strictly forbidden to discuss. After all, almost every man worships the mother and very attached to her.

It is not necessary in the presence of men criticizing other men, call them stupid, dumb, weak, etc. In the head of a man can firmly live by the idea that about him behind his back respond as well.

It is not necessary to discuss with your man makeup, cosmetics, promotions and sales in stores. Most of them are not interested, and some annoying.

In any case it is impossible to praise in the presence of a male companion of the other men, this greatly hurts their self-esteem.

Health problems are not negotiable, the maximum that you can share with a beloved husband, without going into further details.

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