How to impress a girl by variety in sex

Daily life often delaying intimacy in the routine of everyday life. To have variety and spicing up, and also surprise your beloved a fantastic night, the man offered to take the initiative in their hands. Quite a few simple ways to help make sex unforgettable.

Как удивить девушку разнообразием в сексе

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1. If possible, a change of scenery, enjoy a romantic evening in an unusual place: it may be a house on the shore of the lake, resort, cabin in the woods, a room at a hotel with a luxurious Jacuzzi.

2. Encourage women: more compliments, including with sexual overtones. Tell me, how do you like her round ass, long legs, gorgeous Breasts, as I can’t wait for night to touch her naked body. Give the gift of sexy lingerie or costume for role-playing games. This way you both will already be configured for a sexy wave.

3. Role-playing games. If both relations relaxed scenarios can be completely unique: you can be a strict boss punishes delinquent employee, or emergency physician, hastening to the aid, or a plumber or a massage therapist, or a pimp. And you can even pretend primitive people, especially if you are in nature.

4. If the gift you gave sexy lingerie, invite the beloved to arrange a photo session. You’re the photographer, she’s a model. You will get not so much the resulting images, as the process of shooting.

5. The Yoni massage is a kind of massage of the female genitalia. Study his technique, however, remember that the primary objective is relaxation, and not orgasm, use of candles, aromatic oils. This type of massage brings emotionally and physically.

6. Squirt — bring a woman to jet orgasm. It is so unusual and vivid experience for women, the orgasm is so enchanting that a man should spend his time and learn his technique.
Of the following methods is not necessary to choose one, all of them are perfectly compatible. In any case you will have an unforgettable sensual night!

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