What is female bisexuality: a norm or pathology

Can’t tell mom and gossip with a girlfriend. A decent girl even in a head could not come, such a strange thought. And still- comes. What is female bisexuality? For the first time this concept was introduced by Sigmund Freud and defined it as: «a Natural, inherent nature of human diversity». Could be bisexual – is that normal?

Что такое женская бисексуальность: норма или патология

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Female bisexuality

The prevailing theory of most modern sexologists can put in a stupor of the average woman. They believe that female sexuality is much more flexible in terms of same-sex love than men and that every woman is bisexual in nature. In particular – North American psychologists conducted the first official study on the subject.

In a controversial study, which took place at the University of Idaho in Boise, took part 484 ordinary women. Experiment statistics are inexorable: 50% of the fair sex of the study group at least once in my life thought on the subject of gay sex. 60% of women admitted that they are attracted to women. And 45% categorically stated that once kissed a girl.

Still, most great minds are inclined to one thing: bisexuality is the result of human intelligence, not nature. In other words, any deviation from heterosexuality has nothing to do with the natural instinct to procreate.

Signs of bisexuality

To detect bisexuality is possible only one way: to notice themselves attracted to the same sex person and recognize its right to exist. To recognize the bisexuality of other methods is impossible because every symptom may contradict another.

Short haircuts, clothing in the style of «unisex» or typical male behavior – all of which can only speak about the personality of the women and did not affect its stable heterosexuality.

However, at least once pleaded bisexual woman hardly ever back down from his choice. There may be periods of calm and sudden bursts. The bisexual life is quiet and measured, it does not establish differences between the sexes and near the person who is at the moment it is the most familiar and desirable.

At the American University of Utah, scientists were able to establish an indisputable fact: girls do not back down from his sexual proclivities in that case, if you have already pleaded with fans of homosexual love. The study took place within 10 years, it was attended by young women aged 18 to 25 years (a total of 79 women with a different sexual orientation). After a time no woman has not changed its tendencies.

Test for bisexuality – lattice Klein

This test was created by Fritz Claim, on the basis of the scale of the sexual orientation of Alfred Kinsey. Lattice Klein will not open a particular person something new about his personality, but helps themselves to self-identify sexually.


That means horizontal column:

  • Past events over the last three years, not counting last year.
  • Present – the events of the last year of life.
  • What you want – how a person presents his perfect life.

How to unlock the vertical cell:

  • Sexual desire – what Paul calls the greatest sexual desire?
  • Sexual behaviour – information about the real sexual partners.
  • Sexual fantasies – what gender prevail in your dreams?
  • Emotional investment – in the company of what gender you feel most comfortable?
  • Social preferences – in the company of what gender you feel most safe?
  • Lifestyle – people what sex is predominant in your company in real life?
  • Self-determination – to which sexual orientation you define ourselves?
  • The Klein grid does not imply that a person can be asexual in some areas, so some graphs are allowed to put the value «0». In other cases, each parameter is populated with numerical values from 1 to 7.

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