How to settle a quarrel with his wife

How to settle a quarrel with his wife? This is a relevant question, as not to quarrel with their wives may be only a very few men.

Нужно постараться уступить жене, выслушав её

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In early quarrels should try not to respond with anger to anger, you need to hold back and to take a break. Take a breath, slow exhale. Remember that this person beside me is my wife, I linked my life with, I love her and, most likely, a controversial issue is not to interfere.

This pause is very important, it will allow you not to enter the fight and begin to control the situation. Need to calm down and to reduce to a minimum their first negative reaction.

Next you need to clearly say that I’m a man and I’m stronger than the woman. I am able to be wise, I am the master of the situation, I control the situation.

At this stage it is important to continue to hold back from joining the fight, not allowing himself to be drawn into it. For example, smiling – it can alleviate the situation, but it can be done only if it is appropriate, here’s the important context of the situation; as well as a universal recipe is to use simple silence – we need silence to listen to his wife, non-verbal affirming that you are listening.

Further, when women have passed the peak of emotional tension, you need to find a way to give his wife, showing so – you need to agree with her. You can still be fundamentally against it, but it is important to accept the presence of its opinion, confirm that you understand her, ready to listen, respect her opinion.

In this assignment we show that we are strong. We do not reject her opinion, we do not go into the conflict. We are ready to discuss. Next you need to go to the quiet discussion of the problem.

Restraint, tranquility, offer to discuss the issue, losing the dispute, the maximum goodwill – all of which should give results.

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