How to cheer up your girlfriend: seven ways

In even the most perfect relationship there are quarrels and misunderstandings. Each partner trying to prove that he is right, and overall better than everyone else. And here is the result — your girl thoughtfully looking out the window, and perhaps even crying. To return her good mood, there are several simple but effective ways.

Как поднять настроение своей девушке: семь способов

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1. Cook something delicious. Online you can find many recipes for various dishes. It can be simple salads, but they can masterpieces with difficult to pronounce names. Here everything depends on skills. If prepare fails, you can order any dish in the service delivery. A slice of fragrant pizza, probably will cheer up your beloved. However, this method of reconciliation will not work, if a quarrel occurred because of her excess weight.

2. Do compliments. Only strongly do not get carried away, otherwise the praises addressed to girls will look like a mockery.

3. Make some surprise. It all depends on financial possibilities. This may be an unusual bouquet, a bath with petals of roses, a Serenade under the window, a Billboard with a photo of the beloved, etc.

4. Arrange your favorite bachelorette party. Buy wine or champagne, chocolates and fruit and invite girlfriends girls at the party. You can send them all to the cinema or to the disco. My girlfriend will appreciate such an act, after all, nothing pleases like to chat with plenty of girls.

5. Shopping. Invite the beloved to walk around the outlets and choose something for the soul. It could be clothes, cosmetics, or long-desired perfume, cute heart trinkets. Most importantly, don’t try to criticize the choice girls because the goal is to make peace.

6. A romantic date. If you don’t live together, you can rent a room in a hotel or apartment and be there only two of us. Aromatic bath and a light massage will only help in reconciliation.

7. The unexpected gift. To set the mood perfect ticket to a concert of her favorite artist, sweets or perfumes. If fantasy is not enough, give your beloved a certificate to a lingerie store, this gift will not leave indifferent even the most wronged girl.





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