How to start to do exercises every morning

Many give yourself a promise to start exercising or just start to do exercises every morning. This usually happens at New year! As a rule, such promises are not fulfilled. Why? Because there is no clearly developed plan of how to implement his promise.

Становитесь на зарядку!

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The easiest way to begin exercising is to start small, just a void. With the first small step.

Each of us has a daily morning ritual: this is the sequence of Affairs which is familiar to us in the morning, without which we almost always feel uncomfortable. For example: alarm 3 times, climb, look out the window, stretch out, brush our teeth, shower, underwear, coffee, phone viewing, shoeshine, again clothes, leaving the house. Similar to you? Possible.

What you need to do? Just one insert this list one or two simple exercises, which you are very easily, you perhaps even love. For example, twisting of the back in different directions (it’s nice and like stretching!) or head rotation.

Exercises, you easy and enjoyable, not cause for rejection and does not require from you personally to serious physical effort. Literally 1-1. 5 minutes 1-2 exercises. Twisted back, stretched his neck. And stop! It’s a good start. Insert this «moment on the neck and back» approximately right after a shower and before coffee (as an option!). Believe me, it’s easy and simple!

Otherwise don’t change a thing. Still- your usual morning routine. Only added 1.5 minutes to the neck (the back).

And so proceed, and the next day, just don’t forget about the «box».

Believe me, after 5-7 days you will begin to experience the need that warm up the neck, and discomfort in its absence. Moreover, you want to expand the workout and feel the desire to increase the number of exercises! In this step, just gradually expand the list of exercises: arms, shoulders, pelvis, etc. take your time, follow the fun.

The way it works. Summary: do you do exercises every morning and you want her to do!

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