How to remove Boca in men

Men are much less prone to accumulation of fat than women. Because female physiology is much more natural. But if men appear Boca, known for their rather difficult, and the course must go a comprehensive way.

Как убрать бока у мужчин

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1. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Cardio should be the main component of the workout. If you hit the gym, pay your attention on the exercise bike, treadmill, ellipsoid or step. Cardio is best done in the morning. They will give a charge of vivacity and strength for the whole day. But if you don’t have enough time in the morning, it is better to do in the evening than not to engage at all.

2. Start the training with a treadmill. It is advisable to run at least every other day. Start with walking and gradually move on to Jogging. Watch your posture while running. A day you need to run 40-60 minutes. At the end of the exercise, slow down and you smoothly step. Abruptly stop during this exercise in any case impossible. A good alternative is to run ellipsoid. This simulator allows you to perform the same movements as during cross-country skiing. If you for some reason are unable to visit the gym, go out for a run on rough terrain. Ideally if near the house there is a Park, but you can jog even around your own home. If you want to get rid of the sides as quickly as possible, can be very effective walking uphill (tilt 10-15 degrees). Twenty minutes a day is enough to see outcomes in several weeks.

3. In addition to Jogging for those doing at home is the perfect jumping rope. Try to gallop at least a minute and you will feel like quickened the pulse and made the first pot. Every day increase the number of minutes that you jump. Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for burning fat. And calorie consumption from prygalok maybe even more than running. It is advisable to start with 10-20 minutes. But if you have a high body mass index, jumping and running is best left for a later time, when it lose weight a little. Otherwise, the risk of injury is great enough. Also don’t forget about good shoes. In any case, do not jump barefoot. You can greatly damage the knees or ankle.

4. To remove the sides and do not neglect exercise, aimed directly at training problem areas.
For example, a very useful exercise from yoga which you can perform almost anywhere. Sitting on a chair pull your stomach as much as possible. Tighten your abdominal muscles and hold this position for 20-30 seconds, then relax. Five minutes a day – not so much, but the effect is striking. Another good exercise is to remove Boca in men, which you can do at home – Hindu squats. Stand straight, hands at his sides. Start squatting and do it for as long as the fingertips will not touch the floor. Then quickly straighten up. Repeat the exercise for three minutes daily.

5. If you have a fitball at home, it is possible to Supplement day exercises on it. Lie on the ball with his back, legs should be bent at the knees at a 90 degree angle, hands behind your head. Not stepside them to the castle. Do 30 times the raising of the body. The next exercise starts in the same position, but to raise the necessary housing at an angle, trying to reach your left elbow to your right knee and Vice versa. Do 30 times on each side. In the same position, begin to swing a press, but bend your left leg and pull her right hand and Vice versa. Second hand should be fixed behind the head. Now lie down sideways on an exercise ball so that the ball was on the level of your waist. The lower arm hold on to the ball, and the top put a hand on his head. Start to lift the upper leg. This is a good exercise is working the obliques.

6. Twisting can be done without the use of a fitball. Lie on the floor and perform the same exercises as above. For lifting legs lean with one hand on the floor. Arm should be straight. Also, add exercise clip. Starting position — lying on the floor, arms extended upward, legs straight. Start doing crunches, simultaneously lifting up hands and feet in the same straight position. If performed correctly, the arms and legs should touch on your press.

7. If you have a partner who can help you in training, you can include another good exercise to clean up the sides. Lie on the floor, legs straight. The partner should stand at your head, and you grab it with your hands for calf. Raise legs straight up and your assistant should put your feet in random directions. In this case, you must not let the heels touch the floor. If you’re single, you can make another good exercise: lie on the floor bend your knees and keep your arms behind your head. Alternately straighten one leg, and the second drag to the opposite elbow. Start with 30 times, gradually raising the amount.

8. If you are wall bars or horizontal bar, hang on it and lift your legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Gently rotate your knees from left to right and back. This exercise will strengthen not only the obliques, but also your back. On the Swedish side you can also raise the legs, keeping them straight. This will help to make stronger the lower part of the press.

9. If you have a barbell, do squats with it. In addition to the gluteal muscles and muscles of the feet this exercise will strengthen your abs. In the presence of the dumbbells, take one in the arm, and placing feet shoulder width apart, make slopes in the opposite direction. Dumbbell would counterbalance. Do 30 times, take a dumbbell in your other hand and repeat the exercise.

10. Don’t forget about nutrition. No exercises will not help you in fighting with the sides, if your day is filled with harmful products. Please reconsider your menu. Refrain from fried, fatty, convenience foods and fast food. Replace soda with natural juices and compotes. Don’t forget to drink at least 12 glasses of pure water without any additives. Meats, sweets and pickles should also be removed from the diet. Review the quantity of your servings. Perhaps you eat too often and a lot. It is better to eat fractionally, dividing the meals into 5-6 times.

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