Tip 1: How to braid pigtails on yourself

Braided hairstyles of braids and the braids had long adorned women’s hair. Many hairstyles for many hundreds of years, but they are still relevant and used by many women who want to look stylish and feminine. To make yourself a hairstyle is difficult, but if you regularly train, you can achieve good results.

Как плести косички самой себе

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The question «Help with hair» — 5 answers


1. You should start with simple circuits. When the hands will gradually get used to the unusual position, you can move on to more complicated options. If you don’t believe in the beauty of their work, for the first time not be with a homemade hair on humans. Practice, experiment, make sure that the braids look neat, and then you can go out.

2. Before proceeding to the braiding need to prepare everything you need. Find and put in one place a comb (brushes and combs), elastic bands, hair clips, hairpins, sprays and hair sprays. You will also need a large mirror, and preferably two opposite each other, so you can see how the braid looks.

3. The most simple variant of weaving a classic braid. She is smooth, you need to thoroughly hair comb, and then gently separate the strands at the nape into three parts. The left strand to cross over the middle, and having her on top. Then the right cross from the left. The average will go to the right and so on. Should not be too hard to pull the strands while braiding. Having weaved until the end of the braid, you need to build it from the bottom with a rubber band.

4. Least a simple version of the classic netting – 2 tail of the braid. You must have a good comb the hair with a brush, then comb to make a smooth parting and tie a high ponytail on each side. Further from the base to praplesti the braid, securing the bottom gums.

5. The classic braid can be transformed into a variant of the Swiss. To have beautiful, strong hair or tails of KOs, in the process of weaving curls, you need to twist into a rope.

6. «Kolosok.» This option is more difficult, but it looks very impressive. To achieve the fine netting, will have to sweat and spend not one training session. But it’s worth it. Hair combed back, take each hand in right and cross them. When you need to take a small curl on the right, with the edge, and move it to the middle, crossed with one of the strands that is closest. Then take the curl on the opposite side and in the same way to weave a braid. In such a way to weave a spike until the very end. You should choose thin strands, trying well tighten in the process of weaving. The bottom secure with a rubber band or barrette.

7. «Harness». Braid it can be quite fast, but you have a little practice. You need to comb your hair and tie on top of very tight the tail. After dividing it into 2 equal parts and twist them in a tight bundle in the same direction. Further twisting the twisted strands to each other so as to achieve a spiral design. Mounted on the end of an elastic band or barrette.

8. «French braid». If the girl learned to weave standard pigtail, long time to mess around with French braiding her don’t have. You need to comb your hair back. Then on top of a weave of thin strands rather short classic braid. Further, taking a little bit of hair on the left side (not on the edge, and from the top), you should add them to the left of the curl. On the right side need to do the same. So worth it to weave the braid till the end. You should pay attention to the fact that the French braid is adjacent to the head. Will the denser the weave, the tighter the braid will be. If you make a weaker weave, you can create the effect of volume of hairstyle that is very popular among modern youth.

9. The rim of hair like French braids. In this case, to start weaving is with two sides. Take strands from his forehead and at the temples. Gradually grasping the curls need to reach the back of his head. To make the same weave from the opposite side and connect in the next one braid or secure hair with a rubber band, not braiding to the bottom.

10. «African braids». This style will need quite a lot of time and less patience. To get quality braids African type, you should comb hair, make a parting down the middle. Then choose a very small volume of strands, dividing them into 3 parts and braid classic pigtails. You should start along the parting on each side, moving gradually to the edges. You need to make sure that the curls were about the same and evenly distributed. Having weaved dozens of KOs, you can create any hairstyles of them, killing or putting it in ponytails.

11. You can mix different braids. The first step is to comb most of the hair on one side. After the need to braid it on one side French braid, but not until the very end. You should pull the tail rubber band approximately at ear level. The hair on the opposite side should be divided in half, raise as high as possible, twist the wiring harness to one side and twisting. Pin at the base of the French braid with Bobby pins or invisible. If your hair is very long, the two braids can be joined at the level of the nape and secure with hairpin.

12. «Fish tail». This braid got its name due to its resemblance to a fish tail. Should comb your hair and divide them into 2 equal parts. Next, you should take quite a bit of hair with one hand and swing it around to the opposite and from there the same strand to transfer in the other direction. You should pay attention to the fact that the curls were the same size and as thin as possible. Deplete braid to end, you need to pin the bottom rubber band. This hairstyle had better get some deconstruct that did not look very strict, and fix the varnish.

13. The combination of simple braids with the French. You must hair comb by transferring most of it to one side. Where there is more hair to take a curl from the face and divide it into 3 parts. Next, you should begin braiding a French braid, adding to the main strands of curls from the top of the head. Reaching into the netting to the ear level, you should braid a classic braid and secure it to the end with a rubber band. Very nice option if the braid throughout its length a bit to deconstruct. You can do it unevenly so the hair becomes more luxuriant, and weave is more delicate.

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