Proper nutrition for weight loss

Healthy skin, good sleep, radiant complexion, perfect figure — it’s all more real than you think. Simply need to overcome laziness and to reconsider your diet. Now, many people are switching to proper nutrition. And it’s not a fad! Finally people began to realize that we are what we eat.

правильное питание для снижения веса

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A proper diet does not involve refusal of food, on the contrary, you will forget about the feeling of constant hunger that you can be subject to different diets. Proper nutrition is a lifestyle, a way of thinking. Your body worked like a clock, should follow a few simple principles.

So, try to eat more often! Must eat at least three times a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner), in between the main meals to make meals. It is advisable to eat at the same time that the body accustomed to the regime and you have not had any feelings of hunger. Here the main rule from the table it is necessary to go a little hungry.

In no case do not skip Breakfast. In the morning the metabolism is faster, so Breakfast should be hearty, and sweet tooth without remorse can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Eat more vegetables, fruits and greens, they have a lot of vitamins and minerals and the body spends on digestion the maximum of the energy is in the fat they are deposited. Besides, it’s not only useful, but tasty.

Do not refuse from meat, the only rule is that the side dish was vegetables. Do not combine meat with cereals and pasta. These dishes can be eaten as a separate meal. And of course, better that the meat was lean. Mandatory nutrition dairy products, they are important for our digestion, with the only caveat that they also, like meat, are low in fat content.

Make it a rule to drink more water, ideally, at least eight glasses a day, and the morning should begin with a glass of water before Breakfast. Salt and sugar slowly reduce in the diet, sugar causes a false feeling of hunger, hence constant desire to eat, and the salt retains fluid in the body and cause swelling.

If possible, try to exclude from the diet fried or spicy meals.

These simple rules will help you not only to lose weight without exhausting diets, but also to look younger. Lifestyle also be revised to add physical activity, this does not mean that you need to hurry to enroll in a gym, but you should start to take more walks, to walk. Start to change gradually, you will see that your body will respond and will reward you with a beautiful mood, well-being and a long youth.

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