Eyelash extensions pros and cons

When the quest for the perfect mascara come to a standstill, and native eyelashes not pleased with the density and volume – it’s time to think about eyelash extensions. There is probably no more simple ways to make your look deep and expressive. The most important thing – not to be mistaken with the choice of material and method of building.

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What are eyelashes

The most common materials for eyelash extensions are synthetic materials and polymers, human hair and microfiber. Length of cilia depends on the specific girl and is in the range from 6 to 17 mm. the Most popular colors are dark gray and black. Professionals the beauty industry are increasing cilia of different lengths, it gives the look of naturalness. To make your eyes look as natural, the short hairs build up on the lower eyelid and on the inner corner of the eye. Long is closer to the outer corner. Experimenting with the length of the cilia, you can easily adjust the shape of the eye and to mask their shortcomings.

Are there any contraindications

Artificial eyelashes do not stick to the skin of the century, as many think, and onto native lash, as it were, lengthening and thickening it. So the lashes can’t always come to those girls who have their eyelashes brittle and weak. In this case, before the procedure of lashes should be strengthened. Options to strengthen much from salon treatments to at-home treatment popular recipes.

How to care for eyelash extensions

There are a number of prohibitions that appear immediately after the procedure of extension:

  • the first day after eyelash is quite impossible to touch;
  • habitual sleep «face in the pillow» have to cancel, otherwise there is a chance to finally spoil the new lashes;
  • it is undesirable to use mascara;
  • never use cosmetics that contain oil.

Also the lashes do not tolerate heat and hot water, it is impossible to comb. You should only wash with cool water.

Technology eyelash

The most comfortable and happy in the artificial cilia is time. Because now you can not do a daily makeup, painstakingly correcting natural imperfections. The advantage of this procedure will evaluate the business and employed women when every second counts. What are the technology capacity? Consider the 6 most popular.

  • Disposable capacity. From the simple to the complex. Artificial eyelashes that you can stick at home, also can look professional and even be resistant to wear. The main thing – to choose a decent brand and the correct glue.
  • Building corners. Salon treatment, economical investment for the wallet and time. Salon master just intensify outer corner of the eye, gluing a few of the cilia along the edge. It looks moderately and calmly.
  • Poresnichnoe. Or the Indonesian way. In this procedure the artificial hairs one by one glued to their eyelashes. Ciliary row runs evenly along the entire length century. Only the long artificial eyelashes.
  • Japanese extensions. Famous natural hairs from fur of a mink. This is the most expensive of all types of building. From parisnicole method is characterized in that thin hairs can attach several to one native eyelash.
  • 3-D capacity. This method is for those ladies who prefer the look of dramatic or theatrical effect. Each native eyelash can impose up to three artificial.
  • Beam capacity. Very simple and quick procedure. The lashes of this method are famous for their fragility. But if the rate of increase of a priority of his quality, that is what you need!
  • Thanks to the procedure of eyelash lovely half of mankind can no longer worry about the beauty of the sight. The main thing – to observe moderation and to choose the way that is appropriate in a particular situation.

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