How to do body piercing on the upper lip

Puncture above the upper lip is called Monroe piercing. This piercing is a form of oral piercings. Puncture is performed to the left or right above the lip. Piercing above the upper lip, a photo of which is here presented, is so named because of Marilyn Monroe, since she had a small mole on her upper lip that looked sexy.

Пирсинг над верхней губой

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To get a piercing above the upper lip, the masters use liberty long stem. The outer part of the piercing is a ball made from metal, plastic or stone. The ball acts as a clasp and is an ornament. This type of piercing requires careful handling. To produce the antiseptic treatment is necessary, which is processed by the inner and outer surface of the puncture. Antiseptic treatment is equally important procedure as it prevents inflammation, helps to prevent infection while healing of the puncture.

Make the puncture at home or to seek professional help

For better and more beautiful puncture on her upper lip you should consult a professional master. Because with the right puncture wound heals quickly and without any unpleasant consequences. After the puncture wound heals approximately 7-12 weeks. But in the piercing of the master, which operates in sterile conditions, the wound may heal much faster. Independent or not a professional piercing can cause damage to the labial artery, and leave an ugly scar.

Пирсинг над верхней губой фото

Piercing piercing above the lip is not a very painful procedure because lip lacks nerve endings. But pain during the perforation is possible, if you have thick, thick skin or strongly developed circular muscle of the mouth. These people also possible pain during the piercing and during the healing period of the wound. When choosing Monroe piercing, you need to prepare laberto. It should be of quality materials which protects against damage to dental enamel and gums.

If you long to wear piercings Monroe, doctors reviews confirm this, then can lead later to problems with the front teeth, gums. This happens due to the metal disk located on the rod end and is placed in the mouth. The disc rests on the upper part of the oral cavity, which leads to irritation and damage to the gums surface. Therefore, professionals recommend jewelry made from plastic, which reduce the risk of damage to gums.

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