How not to harm their own health when caring for themselves

If hair and beauty salon our security depends on cosmetologists and masters, as well as our attention to carrying out beauty treatments, at home we often hurt themselves. What are the «pitfalls» at home treatments that we perform almost every day – dry your hair, do waxing or painted hair?

Если в парикмахерской и салоне красоты наша безопасность зависит от косметологов и мастеров, а также нашего внимания к проведению косметических процедур, то дома мы часто наносим вред себе сами. Какие же существуют «подводные камни» у домашних процедур, которые мы проводим практически ежедневно – сушим волосы феном, делаем депиляцию или окрашиваем волосы?

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1 Waxing. Many women to remove «excess vegetation» use wax or a special cream. Never boil the wax, you are going to use for hair removal. Before applying wax on the entire area of the skin subjected to this procedure, apply a drop of wax on a small area. Code should feel warm, but not burning. If you use a depilatory cream, be sure to pay attention to what skin it is intended. In any case, do not use it to remove elsewhere. The cream, which gave excellent results in depilation of legs, on the face can cause very severe irritation.

2. To become deaf from the dryer, of course not, but greatly reduce the hearing, if the dryer noise too loud. Daily noise exposure above 85 decibels in the vicinity of the ears affects the hearing. Especially need to be careful for those who like to dry or style your hair while listening to music or watching TV, of course, making the sound of the pogrom. This double sonic boom is extremely damaging to the hearing. Therefore, choosing a hair dryer, carefully read the user manual to it: information about the noise level needs to be specified in the specifications. It should not exceed 70 decibels.

3. Safe staining. The majority of women color the hair at home, unless, of course, is unwilling to perform some of the fashion highlights or coloring. If you are among them, make sure you take a sample of the coloring tools on hand (even if it is familiar to you) and be attentive to their feelings, to dye my hair. Everyone knows that to keep the dye on the hair longer than the specified time, but sometimes it’s an emergency or a phone call can distract you, so always keep in mind the timer, alarm clock or watch. They will help you not to miss the moment when the paint time to wash away. Chemical hair dyes contain strong chemicals that can cause redness and peeling of the skin, but even bleeding. If the hair coloring is done correctly, it should not cause any discomfort, so if they appear, immediately remove the paint, not waiting for the allotted time.

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