What you need to know about the composition of sunscreen

Going on vacation in a hot country in the summer or tanning on the beach, many of us absolutely do not care about protecting your skin from the sun rays. The result is redness, peeling, excessive sunburn, burns, and other troubles. Do not forget that a long stay under the scorching rays of the sun can lead to increased risk of skin cancer.

Что нужно знать о составе солнцезащитного крема

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Unfortunately, many women believe that sunscreen is nothing more than a waste of money, and experts distribute and recommend them for promotional purposes. Widely distributed and stereotype people before anything similar was not used, and any problems encountered. This view is incorrect: even in Soviet times, was distributed talking about the use of special sunscreen with chamomile. Now a variety of such cosmetics much more and its quality is wider, so why not take advantage of her, caring so about your own health?

When choosing a sunscreen, people in most cases pay attention to the SPF factor, i.e. the level of protection against UVB rays responsible for tanning. This characteristic is indicated on the tube. Proper selection will help to avoid too much sun and burns. Note, however, that we need to defend ourselves not only from UVB but also from UVA rays. For a long time it was thought that they may not harm the skin, but now scientists have found that it is not. They provoke the appearance of skin pigmentation, make it more rough, accelerate the aging process. To protect themselves from the negative effects of the UVA rays, choose creams, which include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, tinosorb, avobenzone, etc.

In sunscreens can contain two types of photoprotection, i.e. substances which protect the skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. We are talking about filters that absorb radiation, and screens reflecting it. The first type is p-aminobenzoic acid, benzophenone, cinnamate, and the second — zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. It is recommended to choose the means in which there are filters and screens.

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