How to wind the hair on curlers-boomerangs

Curlers-boomerangs are thin flexible sticks of soft, flexible material. They are different in length and thickness and are used to create curls and giving volume to medium and long hair. Make a beautiful Perm using these curlers are easy, the main thing — to know some details.

Как накрутить волосы на бигуди-бумеранги

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You will need

  • — curlers;
  • — lacquer for the hair;
  • gel for hair styling.


1. In the struggle for beautiful curls beauties of all times fought in many different ways. The simplest of them – the curlers that were twisted pieces of paper. They wound strands of hair, which are then secured with rubber bands. Typically, such «styling» was done for the night, since the hair in this «situation» needs to be a few hours to consolidate the effect. And in the morning the strands unraveled and laid wavy hair.

2. Modern fashionistas are now many tools which help to make the hair curly. Among them are a variety of curlers: metal, rubber, plastic, hot rollers, curlers, Velcro curlers-boomerangs, foam curlers. All they need to create beautiful curls. What of them to prefer, the woman decides. The choice depends largely on the length of hair, their condition and what you are going to do curls: large or small.

3. Often, to quickly create curls, women use hot rollers.or electric rollers, irons. They are simple to use, but frequent use of such funds due to thermal effects on hair is not recommended. Hot perms, experts advise to do no more than twice a week. Curlers (metal, plastic, rubber) have on hair in a more gentle action, but their use is not very convenient, as with a wound on their hair to sleep is problematic, it is uncomfortable.

4. Therefore, more and more women prefer curlers-boomerangs. They represent a small piece of easily bendable wire with a soft cover made of velour or foam. They are not lightweight, easy to use, harmless to hair and, more importantly, not cause any trouble when using them at night.

5. Just before perming, wash your hair with shampoo suitable for your hair type. Slightly dry hair. When drying you can use a Hairdryer. But it is best to leave on hair for 10-15 minutes towel. Before twisting the hair should be damp but not wet. Apply a styling you use gel, mousse, foam. Roll the hair on curlers so that the strand could not slip them.

6. To do this, take the comb-odnorodno and separate its lower part of the hair. For convenience, clip away the top section of hair with a Bobby pin, or «crab». Separate small strands of hair and wind them in curlers. Strands should not be too thick, in this case, the hair is long dry and the curls can be weak, and the curls will quickly disintegrate.
When you wrap the hair, ensure the locks did not slide off with the curlers.

7. When he reached the roots, loop the ends of the curler between himself and leave it for a while. The minimum waiting period iron is 3 hours long and 1.5 hours for medium-length hair. But it is best to leave the boomerangs on the hair for the night. By the way, to dry your hair is wound on curlers, is not recommended. Let the hair dry naturally. It does not injure them. Hot and dry, especially often, can dry hair and make them brittle and lifeless.

8. The removal of the curler – the final stage of creating hairstyles. Do not untwist the strands, and gently pull the curl from the curler. Smooth the curls with your fingers. To curls longer held the form, removing the curlers, lightly spray the curls with hairspray.

9. After removing the curlers, comb the hair with your fingers to create the hairstyle, lock the locks lacquer.

10. Bright novelty professional barbers are electrobalance. This flexible hot sticks, pencils, used for Curling hair in beautiful curls-spiral. They have an indicator light, by which is determined the time of heating the hair to the optimum temperature styling. Before use, thoroughly dry the hair and apply a styling mousse. Divide the hair into strands and wrap them alternately on a heated curler from the bottom up. The ends of the boomerang button below the strands together, and then spray the hair spray for creating curls.

11. After a few minutes, after complete cooling curler, gently loosen the curls and comb them with your fingers. After the procedure, apply on hair lacquer.

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