Tip 1: How to make men’s hair at home

For men as for women, it is very important to always look well-groomed, elegant and fashionable. And the amount of originality never hurts. But not always the stronger sex have time for a trip to the stylists. And not all this fun is expensive. So dear women – wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, I suggest you learn to do at least one of the men’s hairstyles by yourself at home. Your men will be very grateful.

Как сделать мужскую прическу дома

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You will need

  • Means for hair styling, hairbrush, Hairdryer, hair.


1. Men’s hairstyles, which is a haircut created using the Barber clippers, had long since lost interest and gone. Modern men are not afraid to resort to more extravagant options. Create mens hairstyle itself became possible only with the use of imagination and creativity.

2. Men are more conservative than women, and because of this more and more, they try to choose only the classic hairstyles. Classic in mens hair – this hair has a medium length and combed sideways. To do this kind of mens hairstyle, simply just wash the hair and apply to them a means for fixing, for example, a hair cream. But only use the tool with a low degree of fixation, and then safesite your hair comb with small teeth on one side.

3. Avant-garde hairstyles for men are increasingly becoming hairstyle for everyday style. In order for you to be able to perform a stylish hairstyle avant-garde style, you can try to go in several ways: you can try to do a full coloring of all the hair or carry out highlights. Avant-garde hairstyles can be called such haircuts, which are the trimmer, but unfortunately, most of this kind of hairstyles is almost impossible to do.

4. To dye your hair, you can use the cream color for home use. But as a rule, funds for the painting of the professional line allow you to obtain more interesting results, however, to do this kind of painting without assistance almost impossible. To make the weave, you can use the tools to lighten hair, however it is worth remembering that immediately get the desired shade on dark hair difficult.

5. Hairstyles long hair for men look stylish and beautiful. However, men’s hair is often less docile than the female. In order to style long mens hair, you need to use cosmetic products, as well as additional appliances such as Hairdryers and straighteners hair. The classic hairstyle of long hair starts with washing the hair and applying a smoothing balm. If the hair is damaged, the entire length is applied a liquid wax, which visually makes the hair shiny and well groomed. Then you need to style with a hair dryer bangs, and the bulk of the hair treated with pad. Hairstyle for men long hair always needs special attention, however, when done correctly, hair looks great.

6. Before making a hairstyle, wash the hair and dry. Apply a styling product to the hair. Now there are many different mousses, foams and gels for hair styling men’s hair. Select a tool appropriate for the specific style you going to build the head of your men.

7. Apply it on hair throughout the length. Further hair in the middle of head from forehead to nape safesite up a comb with both sides, overall, it was symmetrical. Raise up your bangs (if any) up and send a little back. The resulting hairstyle would look stylish with a suit and daily clothes.

8. Pour the finished style with hairspray. Ready! Now you can at least walk, even in the club, even to go to work. In principle, this hairstyle will look great on the young and prosperous business man.

9. This hairstyle is perfect for men with medium length hair. If he has short hair, it should stay on the hair involving light mess on her head. If all the hair the same length, then on the sides they should be smooth, not to get something like a lion.

10. There are standards for each type of entity. They will help you decide man, what hairstyle to make yourself to look the most attractive. If you have a round face, avoiding the presence of long bangs in the hair. The amount of hair it is better to do large. If you are the owner of an oval face will suit almost all hairstyles. Bangs will help to make the face shape more rounded. For oblong face should choose only those options of hairstyles that are not visually stretches the face even more. In any case it is impossible to do short of whiskey. This is especially true of those who wish to keep the length of hair from the parting.

11. Square face makes the appearance of its owner quite hard. Hair will help to soften the facial features. Try to give your hair this kind to the ends of the hair were away from the contours of the face. With square face shape should avoid this kind of hairstyles where the hair is stacked in the center. For the triangular face is perfect long and wavy hair. For those who are blessed with a diamond face shape is also suitable with long hair. Hair with this type of person better to do, gently lifting the hair roots. If you have face shape heart, then style your hair this way, so they went upstairs and sideways. And make the face look more proportional, think about how to lower beard.

12. Pay attention to the type of your hair. If you have bald areas on the head, it is not necessary to do long hairstyles. Attempts to conceal the bald spot may lead to the incident in a public place. Spectacular will look short hair or even no hair on the head. And the additional brutality can give a beard and mustache.

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